How to celebrate Valentine's Day in the spirit of "men poboku"?

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with going about the tradition and declaring the cold winter month of February as the month of love. Namely, love for oneself, for relatives, for friends, for one's own habits and hobbies and for the whole world around. Even if men can be present in this scheme, it is quite possible to spend February 14 as the Day of All Lovers without their participation. We have prepared at least 7 possible Valentine's Day scenarios under the flag “Guys poboku”.

Collect "under the wing" of all lonely girlfriends

First of all, most likely on this day they are just as puzzled by the question “What would you do in order not to fall under the invasion of teddy bears and hearts?”, Just like you. Secondly, when you come together, you will realize that there are many of you, which means you are a force. And even if you are not too supportive of going to bars and parties, then on February 14 you definitely should not refuse this option, because there will be very few couples in night clubs.

kak otmetit den vsekh vlyublennykh v dukhe muzhiki poboku

Register as a man at the dating site

This venture must necessarily be implemented from a minimum of two glasses of wine. You and your girlfriends register on popular dating apps (for example, Tinder, Lovoo, or JustLunch) and start turning the search for a fan into a comedy show like Amy Schumer: write to the same beauties, leave comments, post joint photos with girlfriends, and then watch the reaction of the "experimental" and do not stop laughing.

Call girlfriends in karaoke

It will be exactly one of the only places in the city, where on February 14, couples in love will be represented in a minimal amount. Choose songs under the theme of the venture - about the fact that men in life are not important at all and nothing to spend time on them: from “Get Out” performed by “ViaGra” to Straight Up Paula Abdul or classics in the spirit of I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor and I Wanna Dance With Somebody Whitney Houston.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day in the spirit of "men poboku"?

Try something new

All that comes to your head and (preferably) does not require additional reservations - this could be a dance workshop or an antigravity yoga lesson, wine tasting or a cooking course, climbing or ballet.The main thing is that in this way on February 14 you will have the opportunity to fall in love - and not into some changeable person, but into something new that you never thought to try before.

Spend the whole day in bed

Just think how great it is that you are not among those who are in love and who are obliged to leave the house on February 14 to go somewhere for a date, buy a gift or make a romantic gesture. You are spared from all these inconveniences, and if the day seems too cloudy, then you can not move anywhere beyond the bed and focus on all three square meters of everything you love: serials, movies, cookies, chocolate, sushi to order and ... a bottle of cold champagne .

kak otmetit den vsekh vlyublennykh v dukhe muzhiki poboku 3

Challenge yourself in gambling

They say that those who are not lucky with luck will be lucky in love, and if you rethink this phrase the other way around, then there is quite a real hope of finally destroying your fateful jackpot. Ideally, of course, you want to try your luck in Las Vegas, but the usual lottery, slot machines or a poker tournament with friends will also work. The case will need to be treated as a "date" with fate, so the dress and high heels are required.

Arrange a holiday of your desires

In your mind, calculate that you have already saved some amount on your own loneliness, because you do not need to give anyone a gift on either the 14th or the 23rd of February. And now think about what you would like to spend this virtual amount without remorse, and celebrate in private with your desires. And if you approach this business practically, then you can not limit yourself to one day of pleasure and buy something pleasant "for the future" - for example, a home massager, a fitness subscription or ... a sex toy.

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