How to build a bed?

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How to build a bed?

If you have experience in assembling furniture with your own hands, then it will not be difficult to assemble a bed. It will not be difficult for newcomers in this business either, since the bed is considered simple furniture for self-assembly. With the help of the instructions and our article you will quickly figure out how to build a bed.

Before assembling any furniture, check the components and read the attached assembly instructions. If possible, find a second person who will help you.

How to build a single bed

Headboard and sideboards

  1. Attach the backs (side walls of the bed frame) to the headboard using euro-screws and dowels.
  2. In the same way, attach the crutches to the foot of the bed.
  3. Install plugs on euro screws.


  1. Attach the transverse bars to the longitudinal bar with the help of the euro-screws (top and bottom).
  2. In the same way attach the central transverse bar.
  3. Insert the bed slats (the crossbar of the base on which the mattress will fit) in the special notches on the longitudinal bar.
  4. Then install the lamellae in the second longitudinal bar.
  5. Attach the longitudinal block to the transverse bars as described above.


  1. Place the assembled base of the bed in the frame (headboard + pins).
  2. Secure the construction with bolts.

How to build a double bed

Assemble the structure consisting of a headboard, bosom and foot back according to the scheme described above.


  1. Attach two longitudinal central bars to the upper and lower transverse bars using euro-screws.
  2. Attach the central transverse bar to the two longitudinal bars using euro-screws.
  3. Install the bed slats in the grooves of the central bars on the right and left side.
  4. bedAttach the longitudinal bars on the right and left side and tighten the euro screws.


  1. Place the assembled bed base into the frame.
  2. Connect the structures with bolts.
  3. Screw the center support screw into the center cross bar.

How to assemble a bed with a lifting mechanism

  1. Connect the tzargami with a lifting mechanism.
  2. Nail the supports to the bottom edge of the bed.
  3. Connect the bed headboard, tsargi and foot back withbedEuro screws and dowels.
  4. Install plugs on euro screws.
  5. Attach the transverse bars to the king sides of the bed.
  6. Set the bed bottom.
  7. Install bed slats.
  8. Install the gas springs on the lifting mechanism.
  9. Secure the metal grill to the lifting mechanism.
  10. Install the springs on the grille.
  11. Install the furniture supports on the slats.
  12. Tighten the grill with a cloth.

How to assemble a wardrobe bed

  1. Assemble the fixed bed design around the perimeter, consisting of furniture panels.
  2. Attach the bedbands to the cover.
  3. Put the assembled structure in a vertical position.
  4. Connect the headboard of the bed, tsargami and foot back with the help of euro-screws and dowels.bed
  5. Install the swing-out legs to the bed frame.
  6. Install bed slats.
  7. Turn the bed frame and open the legs.
  8. Place a soft stand and attach it to the bolts.
  9. Lower the fixed structure that was assembled at the beginning.
  10. Insert the frame into the box and fasten it there with bolts.
  11. Drill holes with the same diameter in the wall and ties.
  12. Attach the fixed box to the wall using fasteners.
  13. In the bed frame, install straps for the mattress.
  14. Next, you need to install a lifting mechanism: fix the pneumatic cords with the rod down.
  15. Attach the handles on both sides to the bed frame to the desired height.
  16. If necessary, secure the bottom of the bed to the floor with bolts.

How to build a children's rocking bed

Crib assembly

  1. Insert in the protection for the mattress (mattress) four nuts.bed
  2. Connect the back of the crib with a pad with the help of the installed nuts.
  3. If necessary, install wheels (many beds have wheels with a retainer that allows you to make the bed motionless while your baby is awake).
  4. Fasten the fixed wall with screws to the bed frame.
  5. Next, you need to install a movable (if available) wall: insert the wall into a special groove using the installed rollers and pull it up.
  6. Press the tabs to secure the wall.

Box assembly

  1. Insert the locks into the side panels of the drawer according to the instructions.bed
  2. Connect the side panels and the back wall of the box with euro screws.
  3. Install the bottom of the box.
  4. Attach the front panel to the drawer frame.
  5. Turn the locks in a clockwise direction.
  6. Secure the bottom of the drawer with the corners.
  7. Insert the drawer into the assembled cot.

Check out our article How to assemble a cot.

If you have a desire to make a bed with your own hands, then in the article How to make a bed - you will find a list of necessary tools and materials, as well as installation instructions.

Furniture assembly by professionals

If you have any difficulties with assembling furniture or simply do not have enough time, it is best to contact a team of specialists. You will spend an average of 10-15 percent more of the cost of the product, but you will be confident in the assembled design, and also receive a guarantee.

Furniture assembly you can order at a convenient time for you. In addition, the masters will take into account all your wishes and meet the required deadlines.

If you are planning an operational relocation, then hiring specialized workers is also a quick way out. Experts on the spot will make a careful disassembly of your furniture and qualitatively assemble it in a new place.

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