How to become the most fashionable in the world?

For sure, almost every girl, at least once in her life, thought about her own appearance, her ability to dress and in general, to look.

It's so nice when you are admired, when your style and ability to combine clothes, makeup and accessories are really similar to the work of professional stylists, however, sad as it may sound, most of the fair sex look at least mediocre, if not worse.

Being an icon of style dreams every

Come to the mirror and carefully examine yourself: is there something that you would like to change? Elements of appearance, and maybe the image as a whole? The desire to be fashionable is quite normal for any girl, but what does it mean to be fashionable?

In order to understand how to become the most fashionable girl, at least in your team, and, as a maximum, in the whole world, you need to understand what is included in this concept in fact and how to learn to match it.

In fact, the concept of fashion is quite wide, it includes not only the latest innovations that constantly appear in boutiques and fill all the free space.

It turns out that to be fashionable means to be stylish, well-groomed and attractive, many girls make one serious mistake: they buy up all the latest innovations in the fashion world and, without much thoughtfulness, cling to strange and not always suitable clothing sets.

Unfortunately, in most cases, a very ridiculous and sad picture is obtained, instead of a fashionable and harmonious beauty, as Mademoiselle herself presents herself, a very strange and unidentified spectacle appears before others.

In order not to fool around once again and not to look like a “gray mouse”, each individual of the fair sex must necessarily develop its own image and style that will fully harmonize with your lifestyle and inner world.

Agree, a manager in a serious company does not fit well with spikes and chains of fatal style, even if it is so fashionable today. Be sure to decide on your style in life, and after that you can begin to put together an interesting and fashionable overall picture. So, where to start a girl who dreams of becoming the most fashionable and interesting in the world?

We study the main trends in the world of high fashion

The simplest way that will allow you to turn into a beautiful swan in a short time from an ugly duckling is to study and follow the world fashion trends that change from season to season.

Of course, blindly repeating and copying everything that you saw on the podium of one of the fashion shows is not worth it, try to distinguish from the total mass those elements and details that, to a greater extent, will fit into your image and lifestyle.

Attentively listen to the advice and recommendations of world famous designers and stylists, mostly people who have specialized education in the field of fashion and art, and if they are also famous for the whole world, then the bad ones will not be advised accurately.

In any case, it is always important to remember about moderation so that your appearance does not become a bunch of fashionable, but tasteless, trends.

Use accessories

In order to look not only fashionable, but also stylish, always, first of all, when choosing the next thing, build on your own build, skin type, eye color and hair. For example, a lady of magnificent physique with large breasts can afford a deep cleavage, which is always in fashion and will distract the attention of others from unnecessary wrinkles on the sides.

Girls with a beautiful waist and a slim figure can wear tight dresses, short skirts perfectly emphasize beautiful and even legs, but again, it is very important not to overdo it.

One bright detail should not shout over another, for example, a deep neckline and mini skirt - not the best combination, an excess of lace, stones and rhinestones can look defiant, even vulgar.

We conduct an audit and choose a new style.

How to find yourself? Where to find the perfect and fashionable image that will make you feel comfortable? Look at the well-known and recognized style icons, for example, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bridget Bordeaux, their uniqueness will never go out of fashion ever, you can always learn something from yourself, your beloved, from their magnificent taste and sense of beauty.

Glamor and style

Maybe you are attracted by some characters from the world of music or cinema, try on their image on yourself, roll around in front of the mirror and think whether you are comfortable in it. So, the general features of a fashionable and stylish future are drawn, what to do next?

Tip # 1

Be sure to conduct an audit of your own cabinet, pull out all the things and think about what to really wear and what has long been out of fashion for a long time, worn out and has a completely unpresentable look.

After all the things that are no longer subject to further use are sent to the trash can, the rest is carefully examined, think about what things can be combined with each other, and what is better to buy, so that your image will play with new colors.

Council number 2

Go shopping. After all the fashion trends have been studied, the desired image has been selected, and empty shelves for your new clothes are gaping in the closet, you can go shopping.

Do not be afraid of shopping

Remember, in order to understand whether a thing is suitable or not, it is necessary to measure it, with it, preferably, specifically under the clothes with which you plan to wear it. In order to make a choice, it may well be necessary to try on many models, but this is not a problem, because a fashionable girl cannot wear the first thing that fell into her hands.

Do not be afraid to experiment, try and combine, look for yourself, do not hesitate to ask the opinions of others and your loved ones. The choice should be made only when you feel comfortable, you like what you see in the mirror, and the surrounding people are delighted with your choice.

Tip number 3

To start a completely new life, fashionable and beautiful, completely different from the previous one, you must not only update your wardrobe, but also pay attention to your hair and makeup.Go to a beauty salon, consult with a stylist and decide on something new, maybe it will be a short haircut, which is so popular this season, and can be repainted in red color and curl wild curls?

Remember, to be really fashionable, great attention must be paid to small things, especially accessories.

No modern image can do without bright and harmonious jewelry, look at hats, glasses, gloves for a cold season - such important little things make the image special, so to speak, unique.

Stylish lady

And finally: remember, to be a fashionable, stylish and self-confident girl, it’s not enough to buy a new dress or change a hairstyle, you need to form a special grace, charm and individuality, only so your image and appearance can become a subject of universal respect and even easy envy.

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