How to become tender?

Everyone has long known that most men like feminine, tender and defenseless girls. This female type is often used in movies, TV shows and books. But these are two different things - to look from the outside on the subject of universal adoration and to appear. There are several basic rules that will help to formulate the attitudes and come closer to the male ideal.

Choose environment

Before you make any internal and external changes, make sure that only those who love you are in your environment. Envious, evil and aggressive, as well as people who show their disorder in life to the whole world, are excluded from the environment. The closest ones - those who may not understand, but who will allow you to look at the situation from the outside, those who will help you correct the course of change - that's who should be at your side at this time.

Think about your behavior

All changes begin with a change in thinking. You must conduct an in-depth analysis and understand what is stopping you from becoming delicate and flawless. Perhaps this is the inner core,which can be seen with the naked eye? This is not bad, but then what should you be protected from? Or the manner of conversation: if you speak rudely, on raised voices or by your conversation show the world that you are its worthy rival, it is unlikely that someone will have a thought about your tenderness and lightness.

Therefore, you must, through self-examination, find out your pros and cons and start moving in the right direction.

How to become tender: tips

Follow a few tips to help change.

  • World perception. You must feel the harmony with the world around you. What a gentle, feminine and sweet girl get out of you, if you are always unhappy with everyone?
  • Self esteem It should not border on unhealthy egoism and interest only by itself and its problems.
  • Appearance. Naturally, it is unlikely that a man or a young man will feel that you are breathing femininity and tenderness when your walk resembles men's wear, and your favorite clothes are shapeless sweaters and dresses. The same applies to makeup. Black artificial eyebrows, inappropriate and vulgar shades in make-up, etc. - all this affects the perception of you by other people.
  • Readability and delivered speech. Do you know at least one pleasant heroine of the novel, who speaks rudely, uses the word parasites and does not think with her pretty head? A sweet and feminine girl will surprise everyone with the desire to maintain this or that conversation at the proper level.
  • In a relationship, you should be interested in what your soulmate is doing. And this should not be obligatory - you really should be interested.

Of course, one theory will not help you become a gentle and feminine girl. At first, you will have to prove it to yourself daily by looking in the mirror. And when you realize that you really love yourself the way you are, you can begin to change if you still have the desire.

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