How to become a military man?

Recently, the military profession in our country has become increasingly popular. Life in epaulets more and more attracts young people, and for good reason, because the military has decent wages, benefits and other advantages over the civilians.

I want to become a soldier: what to do

How to become a military in our country? There are several different ways to do this.

  • If the thought about the officer's life came back in childhood, then you can try to go to study not in a regular school, but, say, in a cadet corps. From it will be easier to enter the military school.
  • The second way to become a military man - after the ninth grade, you can enroll in a school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For this you need to pass exams, pass the selection, get a medical report. Special attention is paid to applicants in relation to physical and military training. After graduating from the school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, young people continue to have the opportunity to enroll in a military school or military college. Universities and colleges teach under the programs of training officers of citizens aged 16 to 27 years old, military personnel who have not received officer ranks, as well as those who have served up to 24 years old and who have secondary general or secondary vocational education.Today, in our country, officers are trained in more than fifty educational institutions.
  • And finally, the third way to become a military involves the conclusion of a contract after serving in the army. If with all of this, you have studied law and attended the military department at your university, then you will have excellent chances to get a job in the police or military sphere, and immediately get an officer's rank.

In order to become a military man, one mainly needs to have good physical training, and intellectual and moral development also plays an important role.

How to become a military pilot

The profession of those working at the maximum distance from the ground, that is, military aviators, is equally respected. In order to avoid confusion, I want to say at once that pilots are usually called military aviators, and pilots - civilian aviators. And those and others are trained in flight schools, which, by the way, are an order of magnitude smaller than military schools.

So, you can study for a pilot with a higher military special education in the N.G. Air Force Academy. Zhukovsky. And, helicopter pilots with higher military special formations are trained at the Syzran Higher Military Aviation School, and also at the branch of the Zhukovsky Academy.

Military pilots are required to have a great sense of responsibility, lack of fear of heights, leadership qualities, stable psyche, high intelligence and much more. If you are wondering how to become a military pilot, keep in mind that you need to have all the qualities listed above.

In addition, people in this profession will require excellent health, acute vision, stable vestibular apparatus, and good hearing.

And, of course, one cannot do without the desire to improve and develop here, because the pilots are constantly learning and regularly pass various standards and exams.

The professions of an ordinary military and military pilot are prestigious and honorable. But at the same time, these specialties are difficult and require great dedication, so think hard before making a decision to become a military.

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