How to assemble a textile brooch, or What is a brooch inside?


All jewelers have their own nuances and secrets of their assembly. I'll tell you what's inside my brooches.

We will need:

  • our embroidery, pasted on the "cobweb"
  • thick thick felt
  • plastic for the base. I have a lid on a transparent container
  • base pin for brooches
  • lace, cord or beads for decoration
  • thread, scissors, needles
  • glue gun

So, we start ...

We cut out the embroidery with an allowance of 2-3 cm. I always stick it on the “cobweb” so that the ribbons and edges of the fabric do not break.
Cut out from felt and plastic parts equal to the size of the future brooch. Felt need 2 parts - for the inside and inside of the brooch. I for this have a hard felt thicker and thinner. For evenness, you can use a compass or a suitable diameter object. I have an oval, drew it with compasses on cardboard first. How to draw an oval with a compass recall from the lessons of geometry or refer to Google.

Glue the gun glue the plastic and felt.

We shrink the edges of our embroidery and put back the blank-base.

Everything is well stitched from the inside, so that there are no folds on the front side.

Sew on or glue gun decor. For textile brooches, it can be anything - twisted cord, string of beads or beads, lace, or you can crochet lace directly on the blank. In this brooch I have lace, I usually sew it, distributing the folds evenly.

Finally we glue the base for the brooch and the back part of the felt. I pre-outline and cut holes for the pins on the back of the felt, so that only the functional parts are visible.

Voila! Brooch assembled. By the way, it is available for purchase in my store. Welcome!

These broochs are very light. They can be worn with wardrobe items, even from delicate fabrics. And they are not afraid of moisture. They can be gently washed. One of mine even survived (inadvertently) machine wash. But still I do not recommend washing them in the car 🙂

There are many more options for collecting brooches - such as with cardboard, padding, special fittings, etc. And I use, sometimes, other ways. I hope my version was useful and interesting for you.

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