How much does a home bar cost and is it necessary?

If you are not averse to sitting with a glass of your favorite brandy or whiskey at home, or you can allow yourself such weakness as a glass of fragrant wine at dinner, then you probably should think about creating a home bar.

It’s hard to find a house or an apartment that wouldn’t keep a bottle or two, so to speak, “just in case,” and if you are often friends at your home, then you simply need to store your favorite drinks!

At first glance, it may seem that the organization of a home bar is a complicated matter, which only an experienced and mature person can do, which has already tried and tried many things in life, so to say, built a house and raised children.

In fact, anyone can cope with this, it is enough to only understand a little about alcoholic beverages, as well as in the art of absorbing them, especially if you are satisfied with a modest collection of the most common types of alcohol.

A home bar for drinks is a great opportunity to spend a pleasant evening with friends, treat yourself with a glass of something “stronger” or “tastier” after a hard day's work, almost instantly build a romantic date for two and at the same time do not have to constantly run around for the missing components to the nearest store.

Where do I start?

First, you need to decide on your strategy, what do you want from your home collection - so that it is always in sight or hidden from unnecessary eyes? There are many options that, depending on your preferences, can fit in your home interior differently.

For example, perhaps the most monetary, but very interesting option is the selection of the whole room or part of the room under the bar. Usually such a home bar is arranged in the best traditions of city establishments - a bar counter, special high chairs, as well as showcases in which your favorite drinks are stored. Here are nice glasses, all sorts of tools for creating cocktails, syrups and similar “lotions”.

Naturally, by virtue of the factthat a large part of our population does not have such an impressive living space in order to allocate a whole room from it for a stationary home bar, there are many other options how to treat yourself to something similar, but at lower cost.

If you do not know where to place your home bar, then start small, for example, with built-in furniture, usually mini-bars, sofas with built-in niches, bar cabinets and so on.

If you have a little space in your house or apartment, then this would be an ideal option, because such home mini-bars are not just a place to store alcoholic beverages, but also a whole designer object that will stylishly complement your interior.

Typically, these mini-bars are placed in the living room or in the kitchen, that is, in the place where you most often meet friends or like to relax. Mini-bars, built-in upholstered furniture - will always be hidden from prying eyes, they usually leave the armrests of the sofa or its back, more advanced models can be equipped with a remote control. Usually in such niches there are several grooves for bottles and glasses.

Bar counters and vinothecs

There are built-in mini-bars in coffee tables, outwardly they resemble something between a full-fledged bar and a low table. Most often, they are equipped with wheels, which increases their mobility and allows you to enjoy your favorite drinks, in fact, in any room of your apartment.

If space allows you, then you can purchase a large bar table, usually it is placed in the living room or dining room, so it’s convenient not only to pour and mix cocktails, but also to distribute ice cream or other desserts. If your kitchen is combined with a living room or any other room in the apartment, then why not separate the kitchen area from the rest with a nice bar counter?

It can have a round or rectangular shape, depending on your layout, be glass or wooden, it all depends on your interior. This solution not only saves time and place, but also is great for fast morning breakfasts or dinners.

Wine lovers and those who are very serious about the task of organizing a home bar may need to think about purchasing special wine store windows that allow storing collection bottles by all the rules.

Usually they are equipped with ventilation systems, capable of maintaining a certain level of temperature and humidity, and also allow you to store bottles at a certain angle so that the sediment accumulates exclusively at the bottom. If you are willing to spend 2-3 thousand US dollars, then such a decision is for you.

When choosing a professional wine shop, the eyes literally run up: here and carved classic buffets, bar cabinets of noble varieties of wood, models of modern design, reminiscent of built-in refrigerators, decorated with inserts of precious metals and so on. There are models that are designed to store only one type of drink, and there are multi-temperature, where you can place both wine, champagne and even brandy.

What to put inside?

How to organize a nice home mini-bar with your own hands and not go broke? What drinks constitute the main core, and which ones can be abandoned? In fact, only 7-8 types of alcoholic beverages are enough to get your mini-bar a solid base to create at least 10 of the most popular cocktails.

Usually, such a “base” includes: whiskey, vodka and gin, rum, brandy, red and white wine, tequila. Other drinks can be supplemented at your discretion and desire.In order to create the most popular cocktails, just stock up on cola, a couple of types of juice, and syrups - lime, strawberry and grenadine. Sometimes they are replaced with liqueurs, and for the missing juice, if desired, you can always run to the nearest store.

Agree, cocktails, like any other drinks, are always more pleasant and interesting to drink from special glasses, as well as decorated with traditional decor: tubules, sprigs of fresh mint or lime slices, green olives or canned cherries and so on.

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