How could look famous handsome with a beard

See photos of Prince William, Channing Tatum, Richard Gere and other star men in the new image.

In the past few years, almost all the sex symbols of Hollywood and not only let go of the beard. However, there are those who do not change the style, created many years ago, and can not allow even a light bristle. To present them in a new image is difficult, but possible. Moreover, the application FaceApp allows you to easily do it. It only took us to upload a photo of a star to the service and ... in a couple of seconds to admire the idol of millions of women in a completely “new” image. By the way, it turned out very well ...

Just look at the picture of Channing Tatum. It seems that he urgently needs to grow a beard to look even more attractive to the opposite sex. True, there is an assumption that, in reality, the stubble of an actor would not be so dark and thick as the application issued. Although, maybe we are wrong?

Channing Tatum
Photo: Getty Images

The star of "Pretty Woman" and "Hachiko" was once seen with a beard. But it was on vacation, when Richard Gere could not have imagined that he was being filmed by reporters ... But, it should be noted, this image suits him very much. It would be great to see the actor in such a look and on the red carpet.

Richard Gere
Photo: Getty Images

But Tom Cruise, in our opinion, does the right thing that does not change the image. With a beard, he looks good, but too trite. In addition, in the new image, the actor loses his individuality and even becomes a bit like Bradley Cooper.

Tom Cruise
Photo: Getty Images

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger with a beard looks even kinder than without her. In such an image, he appears in a Santa suit, giving presents to children. But, of course, if an actor appears in this image in a tuxedo at a social event, there is no doubt that he will not end the compliments.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Photo: Getty Images

Also in our gallery below you can find eight more media personalities in a new look. We especially remember Prince William with a beard. We are sure that if he appeared in this form in the light, the journalists, and even ordinary people, would recognize him with difficulty ...

Kevin Spacey and Robbie Williams also look unusual with bristles.

But Quentin Tarantino, Mark Wahlberg, Harrison Ford and Wet Damon are very beardy. One would like to advise these stars to change their image soon.

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