How cool to congratulate?

In everyday life, everything happens fairly consistently and banal, so sometimes we want to diversify our life and bring into it the most original and unusual. The simplest thing we can do is come up with an original greeting for a friend or girlfriend, not a birthday or a wedding. So let's consider how cool it is to wish a happy birthday.

Soriginal birthday

The first option is to follow a small script. Invite the birthday to a certain place, for example, to the station. Try to ubolt him, even if he doubts the feasibility of this meeting.

It is necessary to think over this meeting in advance and follow the route alone beforehand, in order to draw a map of that place and hide its pieces on the way. Think up tasks according to which the birthday boy will come to the specified place. Now let's talk about how you can make the card original, for example, add riddles and rebuses to it, so that the birthday boy turns on his logic and fantasy.You can call Niagara Falls a place, next to which is a fountain, a Swiss bank building, and Mexico a plot near a large city cactus. At the end of the test, do not forget to suddenly appear and congratulate you on your birthday by giving a gift.

The second version of congratulations is an unusual message. To him also need to prepare in advance. Buy a beautiful design envelope, put there money and a letter, not forgetting to sign it in advance. Come up with some unusual office name and sign the envelope, then go to the nearest post office and send the envelope according to the classic scenario. This gift will be very unexpected and original, just do not forget to sign the name of the sender on the envelope.

Congratulations to the newlyweds

Now let's see how cool it is to congratulate the newlyweds on the brightest day of their lives. If you are fluent in graphics programs on your computer, you can make an original gift by downloading the template for the photo and inserting the heads and other body parts of the congratulated people into it.Try to do everything as accurately as possible, so that the picture makes all the guests doubt. Print it in large format and paste into a large beautiful frame. Now you will have to present her beautifully and the greeting is ready. Come up with an original rhyme or song that would surprise not only the public, but also the heroes of the occasion.

You can order congratulations on the radio at a certain time and during the festive event to turn on the radio player. You can also write a greeting in the form of a movie and include it at the peak of the celebration. You can come up with a humorous scene and, standing in the center of the room, read it, and then give a gift. Remember that the main thing is not the gift itself - but the opportunity to present it beautifully. Sometimes people value it much more than any material thing. Even the most stupid trinket can be originally designed and presented with a bunch of special effects and other nonsense that will be remembered for the rest of your life. The main thing is to choose a way to coolly congratulate your loved ones, and only then you can think about gifts.

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