How can you quickly cause tears in yourself?

Emotions are sometimes beyond our control. And what if you really need to cry? Is there any way to call tears?

So how can you specifically cause tears? We offer several proven methods:

  1. Use the bow. Just start to cut it, and in the very near future tears will appear on your eyes. If you need to cry outside the home and in a certain situation, then you can dial in a small container (for example, in a bottle from under some kind of drug or out of the toilet water tester) a little bit of onion juice. At the right moment, smell it and bring it to your eyes. But it is important immediately after receiving the juice, pour it into a jar and close it tightly, otherwise the substances provoking tearing will evaporate, and then the remedy will not be effective.
  2. You can eat something sharp, for example, a pinch of pepper, a bit of mustard or spicy sauce. But along with lacrimation, there may be some other symptoms, for example, redness and fever, and they are always out of place, and sometimes they are greatly interfered
  3. Use the properties of menthol, the vapors of which irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes and cause active tearing. You can take some ointment with such a substance (for example, the well-known “Star”) and apply a small amount of it on the nose. But do not smear the eyelids, because during their accidental friction, you can move the composition directly into the eyes, which will cause their strong irritation.
  4. Pinch yourself by the tip of the nose. Irritation of the nerve endings located in this area may trigger the release of tear fluid. But the effect may be somewhat different. So, some after plucking begin to sneeze.
  5. Lyric and sad music can help. If there is a song that makes you cry, then just turn it on.
  6. Tearing can be triggered by drying out of the mucous membranes of the eyes, in which case the natural defense mechanism will work. And in order to launch it, you just need to open your eyes wide and not blink and look at one point for as long as possible. Then start moving your eyelids fast to increase the amount of tear fluid.
  7. An ordinary wind can help you to cry.So just go to an open window in windy weather, or ask someone to blow your face strongly (you can wave at yourself if there are no helpers around).
  8. One of the simplest ways is to use eye drops, such as "Pure Tear" or "Vizin". Simply drip a few drops into each eye, and in a few seconds you will turn into a crying and looking upset man.
  9. Remember the most offensive words that have been spoken to you throughout your entire adult life. And especially offensive insults sounded from loved ones. But such a method can only be used by vindictive people who memorize all the insults.
  10. There is another not quite normal way. Tighten your throat as if you are going to yawn. Stay in this condition, but do not yawn. And to speed up the process, you can sing a song with a tight throat. Surprisingly, it really helps a lot.
  11. Touch your finger to the cornea of ​​your eye. After some time, the tears will start to stand out, as the brain will receive a signal about a foreign body that will try to be removed (that is why the eyes water when they fall from the dust or sand).
  12. How do actors cause tears? The truly talented are so accustomed to the role that they begin not only to empathize with the hero, but also to feel the same things that he feels. So try to believe what you have to cry for. For example, if you want to be offended, then imagine that you really upset.
  13. Some advise using any remedy that contains aggressive ingredients that irritate mucous membranes. It can be perfume, lemon juice, soap solution, alcohol or something else. But this method can be called extremely inhuman in relation to itself, “barbaric” and even dangerous, because some compounds can cause not only irritation of the mucous membranes, but also their burns, and they, in turn, will provoke deterioration or even partial loss of vision. So it's not worth the risk.
  14. You can try to hurt yourself, for example, bite or pinch. But do not overdo it, it can lead to serious damage!
  15. You can remember the stories told by someone, or even fictional sad stories.
  16. Think of something very bad that has happened in your life.This may be parting with a loved one, the death of a loved one or some other serious loss. The main thing to remember everything in the smallest details and details is to deceive your consciousness and force yourself to relive all those emotions.
  17. Try to fool your body. Make the facial expression that you usually have when crying. Then the facial muscles will literally send a signal to the brain to cry. But it is important to make facial expressions as natural as possible, otherwise it will not work.
  18. If nothing terrible happened in your life, then you are very lucky! But if you need to cry, just imagine that something very bad has happened. This may be a divorce from his beloved spouse, moving his beloved girlfriend, your complete loneliness, the death of a pet, and so on. Of course, some do not allow such thoughts, believing that they can materialize. And if you belong to this category of people, then use a different method in order not to reproach and torment yourself.

Now you can exactly cry at the right time, and to do it very naturally.

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