How can I make a beautiful pedicure at home?

After a short period of time, all women will have to change their boots and shoes for open summer sandals. In the summer in the closed footwear it is simply unreal to walk on the streets. In addition, summer shoes are very beautiful and deserve a reverent attitude to it.

Sometimes women can spend all the money they earned in a month on good sandals. But even the most luxurious shoes will look normal and even inconspicuous if they are shod with unkempt feet. Therefore, you must know how to make a beautiful pedicure at home.

Pedicure is not only the presence of a pretty pattern on the nails of the toes. This is a whole range of procedures that must be performed not only with the nails, but with all the feet. You can even say that sometimes a pedicure is more difficult to do than a manicure on your hands, but if a woman tries to look after herself, she should know how to properly do this procedure.

Most women believe that only a master in the salon can do a real pedicure. Sometimes it is really better to consult a specialist, because if the procedure is performed improperly, there is a risk of infection of the skin with a fungus.

At the same time, not all women have the opportunity to constantly go to the masters of a pedicure. Moreover, soft and smooth heels really make their own, not to mention the drawings on the nails. Another important reason why each girl is still better to master the skills in carrying out a pedicure procedure is that it is desirable to do it every week.

Accordingly, if every seven days to go to the master, it turns out not the weakest spending. Therefore, we master the basic knowledge in pedicure and save money.

What are the stages?

This procedure is carried out in several stages. If you want to make a real and high-quality pedicure, then you should not miss more than one of them. So, a pedicure should consist of softening the skin, removing calluses and horny skin on the entire foot, cutting off nails and cuticles, polishing nails, drawing a picture on them or simply painting it with varnish, massage and applying cream.

Important point: if you do a pedicure correctly, then you should not have pain.

In general, you will need one hour to perform a pedicure. You can update the varnish every two weeks, but it is necessary to remove the horny areas every five days.

What is necessary?

To conduct the procedure in a home environment, you need to use tweezers, nail files, scissors and a stick to eliminate the cuticle. Additionally, you need to purchase only a special pumice stone and a brush. By the way, now you can buy a tool for pedicure, in which there are two nail files of different granularity and brushes. Rather convenient and multifunctional thing.

Also you need to prepare a bath in which you can immerse your feet completely. Towel to dry feet. Water for the bath should be slightly hot, but not boiling water, you should be comfortable. Also for a pedicure, you can use a few drops of your favorite aromatic oil. Well, of course, you can not do without varnishes for nail art, acetone, alcohol and cream for massage.


Rassirivanie legs or even this procedure called foot baths is useful to do every day. After it is not necessary to apply fresh varnish.The fact is that 20 minutes of relaxation of the legs in the bath helps relieve fatigue, restore blood circulation and relieve puffiness. And of course, steaming the feet in warm water has a softening, cleansing and peeling effect on the skin of the feet.

As mentioned earlier, the water for the bath should be warm. You can easily dissolve various substances in it. Which ones? It all depends on the effect that you want to get. After steaming and applying nail polish on the nails, it is necessary to smear the skin with cream.

If you regularly hold the foot baths, you will never encounter the problem of cracking on the heels.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the various options for foot steaming trays.

Baths in order to relieve foot fatigue and cleanse the skin

In order to achieve this effect, you must add a couple of tablespoons of chamomile, nettle or horsetail to one liter of water. You can use only one herb, and you can and the collection, consisting of several medicinal herbs.

A good effect can be achieved using apple cider vinegar. Just add one spoonful of vinegar to clean water.Vinegar can be replaced by camphor alcohol.

Well removes fatigue linden. In one liter of water, add 2 tablespoons of linden flowers and salt (one spoon).

In the warm water you need to add a little liquid soap, one spoon of drinking soda. That's all.

Removal of corns and hardened skin

After you thoroughly steam your legs, relax and get a lot of positive emotions, you need to proceed with the peeling. This procedure is designed to remove hardened skin and expose young and tender skin. Without peeling smooth legs you will not see.

At home for peeling you need to take pumice stone and nail files with different grain sizes. First, pull the leg out of the water (the second one let it steam for a while), wipe off the towel, only not dry, then take the most coarse-grained nail file and begin to treat the skin of the foot. It is advisable to remove the cornified areas in a circular motion, so the skin is less injured. You need to move from the fingers to the heel, try not to miss a single millimeter.

After using nail files and pumice, you can apply a special scrub on the skin of the feet.It allows you to spend the so-called gentle peeling. Thanks to the creamy structure it is convenient to use, and the effect is very good. Different scrubs can affect your skin in their own way, so try products from different manufacturers and find the perfect option for yourself.

After working with the skin of one leg, repeat the same thing with the second.

Nail care

Naturally, a pedicure cannot be completed without a nail treatment process. It is better to do it on dry feet, so as not to get hurt by carelessness. You can cut nails with nail scissors or tweezers. The nail on any toe should be cut only in a straight line, the corners are forbidden to touch. Since this can lead to a serious problem of ingrown nail.

It is better to file nails with small grit. If desired, you can undermine not only the edge of the nail, but also the nail plate itself to obtain a smooth surface. It is necessary to make a beautiful figure on the nails.

To eliminate the cuticle on the toes it is better to use special means, it is not recommended to remove it with scissors.

Applying varnish

The process of staining nails on the toes must begin with the application of the base. It will help to make the nails stronger, prevent the appearance of yellowness and fungus. Then you can proceed to the application of varnish. It can be any color and firm. By the way, now it is not at all necessary that the colors of the pedicure and manicure match.

When you paint the nail, do not use a lot of varnish, so it will not allow you to get a smooth finish. Now it has become fashionable to put on nails drawings and other decorative items. You can try to make yourself something like that. In addition, to make the pictures on the legs easier, since the main pattern can be placed only on the thumb. Still, the remaining nail area is very small.

Massage and application of cream

After thoroughly drying the varnish on the nails, you should definitely apply a cream on your feet. It is better to be nourishing and moisturizing. Cream apply massage movements, it will allow you to get extra relaxation and pleasure. It is very useful to make masks for legs. To do this, it is enough to apply a natural cream, put on bags and woolen socks. Sit in this form for 30 minutes.After that, remove the excess cream with dry wipes.

We think you made sure that there is nothing difficult in carrying out a pedicure at home. Therefore, take care of your feet with pleasure. In the following articles on our site you will learn about the beautiful versions of the drawings on the nails of the toes. A wonderful pedicure at home is quite realistic.

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