How can you beautifully decorate curtains? (20 pictures)

People like to look out the windows. Especially when it is raining, frost, and strong wind. We like the feeling of security that we feel at this moment. After all, here with a cup of tea in our hands is warm, comfortable and safe. Every normal home should have windows. Because they play a huge role in the interior. Accordingly, beautiful curtains should hang on the windows, and we will discuss how to decorate the curtains with our own hands today.

It seems to be not the most complicated invention of mankind - curtains, play a key role in the perception of the design of the room. They can become a bright spot, thereby refreshing pastel colors. Or, on the contrary, act as an emollient, connecting element between all the details in the room.

The usual curtain will not pay attention to itself. Well, it closes the window and does not give passers-by to peer through the windows, that's all its purpose. Looking at such a curtain every day, you begin to understand that she is clearly missing something.Since at home we spend a lot of time it will happen very soon.

You will definitely want to make changes in the design of your windows. To do this, you can go to the nearest curtain shop and buy yourself curtains of extraordinary beauty. And you can turn on your talent as an interior designer and try to give old curtains a second life, decorating them properly.


Lambrequins. You can decorate the window using only curtains, without any accessories. To do this, you have to learn lambrequins. The word for our man is not very clear, but you will not be difficult to understand. Lambrequins are decorative elements made of cloth (most often of the same texture and color as the main curtain) which has not a rectangular shape, like regular curtains, but semi-circular or slanting.

In fact, lambrequins are needed to make a regular curtain look elegant. Such decoration of curtains was especially fashionable in the Middle Ages. Remember how the windows in the castles were decorated during the balls. These were the first design decisions in the design of the overall interior.

As we have previously reported, lambrequin is made from the main fabric curtains.Thus, the curtain will look stylish and restrained. If there are many bright color accents in the room and without curtains, then it is better that the colors of the curtains and the lambrequin match.

If the design is in the opposite room, that is, on the contrary, the curtains should dilute boredom and monotony, choose a pelmet of a different color than the curtains. You can play on contrasts, and even better, so that the lambrequin for a couple of tones is different from the main color of the curtain, thereby highlighting it.

Remember, pelmets are suitable only for rooms where the ceilings are high, so they are able to "steal" the space.

Lambrequins are usually performed in several variants.

Beautifully decorate the curtains will help the bando. This is a very dense material, which often serves to lambrequin could keep its shape. Swag is an elegant type of lambrequin, as it has a large number of folds. Jabot looks pretty at ease, its folds hang smoothly on the curtains. This is a great option for a romantic room design.

We use picks

The very name "podhvaty" says that this object does with curtains. Thanks to him, our curtains will hang in the form that we wish.There are supports that simply bind the curtain together, and there are the same, only with this they are attached to special hooks inserted into the wall.

Pick-ups can be made from materials such as fabric, rope, lace, ribbon and metal. Choose material and color pick-ups according to the design of the room.


How brushes look, everyone knows. True, for curtains you need to take a broader model. Seriously, such a decoration does not combine with all tissues. Best brushes are suitable for curtains in Greek and Roman styles. Basically, the brushes have a standard shape and colors: brown, cherry, beige and gold. Such an accessory should fit into the interior, that is, you cannot use a brush for the khaki style.


In the excellent image your curtains will change if you decorate them with bright details. For example, small butterflies or flowers. You can decorate the curtains with beads or add lace to them. Curtains in the nursery can be stolen with soft toys or figures of cartoon characters. As you can see, there are a lot of options for decorating curtains. Leave in your life from the banality and make it bright accents.

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