How can I apply buttermilk oil?

Many dacha owners and gardeners are known as the ornamental plant for decorating the site. But few know that this perennial herb has a number of healing properties and is widely used in traditional medicine.

Meadowsweet, or meadowsweet, usually grows in meadows, in marshland and on the banks of rivers. It has a tall, straight stem and generous, small inflorescences with pale pink or white flowers. In medicine, mainly rhizomes and leaves are used.

Use for treatment

The oil is produced mainly from flowers, by distillation. Esters with a high content of active substances are also obtained from the stem and roots. It is impossible to repeat this process at home, therefore, if you have prepared a plant, then on its basis it is better to make infusions or decoctions.

In the twig contains a large amount of salicylic acid. Shortly after this discovery, acetylsalicylic acid was obtained during chemical experiments.Thus, the oil on the basis of meadowsweet has analgesic, antipyretic and antiseptic action, which is especially important in the period of colds. That is why folk doctors advise to purchase this product instead of a mountain of medicines, if the first symptoms of the disease have already made themselves felt.

Tannins contained in the rhizome, a positive effect on the digestive system, normalizing metabolic processes, and help to remove the acute phase of poisoning.

If you are plagued by persistent pain, you can use groundwort oil as a compress. It can help with arthritis, rheumatism and muscle pain, having antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects.

For those who suffer from disorders of the nervous system, insomnia and are subject to constant stress, it is recommended to get an aroma lamp, where you need to drop a few drops of therapeutic oil. You can also apply it in the bath and massage process.

Since the oil contains only natural ingredients, its price is higher than preparations based on sorbet extract.

be careful

Like other medicinal plants, the Labaznik has a number of contraindications. It should not be used when:

  • constipation;
  • increased arterial pressure;
  • poor blood clotting.

For more than four hundred years, meadowspring oil has been used to treat various health problems. This natural medicine is sure to help. But before you start using it, it will not be superfluous to consult a specialist.

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