How can glitter be used?

If in the near future you will find a noisy party or just a holiday where you would like to look just dazzling, try the wonders of modern technologies - glitter! If you still do not know what this word means, it means that you are far behind the times, therefore, it is time to replenish your knowledge in the beauty sphere.

What are glitters and what do they eat? In simple terms, this term today is called ordinary sparkles, most often, rounded, which resemble the outline of confetti, but a much smaller diameter.

Glitters can also have a polygonal shape (penta or hexagons), as well as vary in colors (ranging from metallic golden and lightest shades to rich and dark colors).

Along with glitters, you can find on the sale shimmers, which, at first glance, do not have any special differences: and then, and then sequins. What is the difference? From English, "glitter" translates as "shine", and "shimmer" - flicker.The main difference lies in the intensity of light reflection, which depends on the particle size.

Glitters have a larger size, they, like small paillettes, when applied to the skin or other surfaces, give them an active and rich shine. Shimmers are smaller particles, and therefore they can be used to recreate a more delicate and subtle radiance. Such sparkles are most often used in cosmetics, clothes, nail art and handicrafts.

It is believed that the first glitters appeared a few centuries before our era, with its help Egyptian women created their own unique cosmetics, however, it was not synthetic particles, as today, that were used for the foundation, but crushed malachite particles and iris of beetles were used.

In India, women used chopped pieces of precious stones, and in China, sparkles were created from gold foil, which was glued to fish glue.

Glitter in the modern world

The real rebirth of spangles was in the middle of the last century, when modern plastic glitters appeared, they began to be especially popular at the time of disco, then it was added to cosmetics, fabrics and even to hairspray.

To date, there are more than 20 thousand varieties of different glitter, which may differ in size, color and material of manufacture. Usually glitters are made from hypoallergenic plastic, today it is easier to say where it is not used, than to list its entire area of ​​use.

All glitters are divided into liquid and crumbly. The latter have the form of powder or finely chopped plates, which are usually applied to the adhesive base. Liquid - this, in fact, the same powder, only prepared on the basis of gel substances. Where do such inventions of beauty spheres be used?

First of all, in make-up, with the help of multicolored sparkling glitters, you can create a festive and very bright makeup that will set you apart from the gray mass. True, you need to follow the golden rule - the main thing is not to overdo it!

If you put glitter on your eyes, then your lips and other parts of your face should be dull and, on the contrary, glitter on your lips exclude something similar to your eyes or clothes.

The most common option is shadows with glitter, they are friable, compact or cream.However on sale it is possible to meet and simply friable glitter, lipstick or shine with effect of sparkles, carcases and even gel for brows.

For the body and hair, special lotions and gels are released, which are ideal for “decorating” hair, décolleté, shoulders and legs. Another hit of the season is a manicure using glitter, they are replaced with varnishes, or used in conjunction with them. For nails, this decor option is absolutely harmless, and the result will exceed all expectations!

Glitter tattoo - a pattern on the body, which is performed with the help of sparkles - has become a novelty of body art. Believe me, the iridescent butterfly or cute sparkling flower will be hard not to notice on a beautiful female body, while such a tattoo will wash off after a few weeks, and, if desired, even earlier - just arm yourself with a sponge and water.

Plus, glitter has been actively used as an element of needlework, with its help you can create unique things, accessories and even shoes. For example, shoes with a heel entirely made of “gold” or “silver” are very popular. And to make such a fashionable creation is not difficult at all - you just need to arm yourself with glue and glitter.

You can purchase such a miracle invention in specialized stores, and you can choose the most suitable colors and shades that you can use, depending on the flight of your imagination.

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