How beautiful make-up eyes mascara

How beautiful make-up eyes mascaraWe paint eyes with ink

Make-up can be done without shadows, without liner, without blush, without tone - enough mascara and lipstick. Especially in the bold makeup, when the lips are made up of lipstick screaming shade. In this make-up you can not use the shadows and eyeliner, but it is necessary to emphasize the eyelashes. An interesting site has prepared a video on how to make up your eyes with ink beautifully. You can see it at the end of the article.


Perhaps you, like most girls, think that a modern brush with a good carcass creates the maximum limit of the ability of the carcass, giving your eyelashes the maximum possible length, volume, separation and envy. Then think about why makeup artists still use makeup brushes for eyelashes. Namely, this device helps to maximize the eyelashes and separate them in the best way. To comb it is necessary eyelashes, when on them the ink has not dried yet - it will remove excess carcasses, possible clumps and will divide eyelashes to a natural kind.


A good comb for the eyelashes should be metallic, and then you will not have unsuccessfully made up eyelashes, because of which you have to wash off all makeup. Before applying the mascara, the brush can be wetted with a napkin or cloth to remove excess mascara. After using mascara her brush, thoroughly washed, can be used to comb eyelashes after washing, while eyelashes are wet.


How beautiful make-up eyes mascara - the choice of color



If you want to make your beautiful eyelashes beautiful, do not forget that beautiful eyelashes are only a part of beautiful eyes, so you should not paint them with black mascara, use brown. Visually, the mascara will not change the magnificent effect, but the look of your eyes will be softer, and the look - more natural.


For dark eyelashes, you can find brown shades that are closer in tone to the black color, but do not create sharp outlines, whereas black mascara stands out brightly and can visually reduce the eyes.


In addition, when buying mascara, check its true color. Mascara can be positioned as black, but when applied to the skin of the back of the hand it can be dark gray, or even very dark blue.


So that the mascara does not leave traces under the eyes, pre-powder the lower eyelid to the bone, even if you accidentally leave an ink trail there, it will be much easier to remove it from powdered skin, and it will not disrupt the overall tone of the face, that is, it will not erase your tonal tool.


Beautifully mascara eyes - curling eyelashes



The most beautiful, lush and wide-open look only curled eyelashes, which are gently wrapped to the upper eyelid. Not without reason tweezers are so popular with makeup artists and stylish girls. Only many ladies use it after the mascara has been applied, crushing the paint and often forming sticky cilia.


The secret of the right curling of eyelashes. Tweezers need to be heated with a hairdryer to make them curl like a curling hair. Do not overheat the device. It should be clamped cilia over the eyelid, that is, at the roots. Ten seconds is enough, but you can repeat the process a couple more times.


How beautiful make-up eyes - applying mascara on eyelashes



It is better to start coloring the eyelashes with a few strokes of the brush from the eyelash growth line upwards. When the mascara dries,proceed to the tips - you can simply substitute a brush with mascara under the eyelashes and blink several times so that the cilia walk along the brush, self-coloring. It is this coloring that allows them to avoid lumps and immediately gives the desired lushness to the eyelashes.


When the mascara is completely dry, paint the eyelashes completely - from the base to the tips, moving the brush to the side, not just up.

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