How apartment number affects your whole life

This is not about the numbers 13 and 666. Everything is much deeper and more interesting.

American numerologist Felicia Bender has long been laid out all his life on the shelves. Literally everything, from school to sport, in her opinion, is subject to the magic of numbers. And, of course, this also applies to the place where you live.

"Do you feel good in your home?" In its walls you can relax with all your soul, you are imbued with energy. Or not? ”Felicia asks her admirers.

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It turns out that each apartment has its own numerological “passport”.

“Each address is a numerological matrix that carries the personality of the house,” says Bender.

You can calculate the number of the house in the same way as your own by date of birth: the numbers in the apartment number need to be folded so that in the end there is only one. For example, if the number of your apartment is 78, then the calculation will be as follows: 7 + 8 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6. That is, the number of the house is 6. Only the apartment number should be taken into account, the building number does not matter.

Exceptions - the numbers 11 and 22. They do not need to add, they have their own individual values.

What does her room say about the apartment

1 - leader's house

The identity of the house at number 1 supports the leadership ambitions of its inhabitants. A person who lives here usually has his own business or confidently goes up the career ladder. He is ambitious, independent, self-confident and appreciates personal freedom. Living in a single-unit apartment will teach you courage and determination.

Minuses:1 is loneliness. In this apartment is unlikely to build a family and a successful personal life. However, "edinichki" prefer loneliness.

2 - family man's house

This place is dedicated to love, mutual support, parenting, it is cozy and safe here. People who live in a two-room apartment have to learn diplomacy, tact, take into account the needs of others, live in peace and harmony.

Minuses:life in such a house is not suitable for those who seek career growth. The pair of two blurs individuality, because there is no place for egoism. You risk to wallow in life in your little world, feeding on each other's emotions. And if you live alone in such an apartment, you may feel uncomfortable because of your loneliness.

3 - house of optimist

This place is full of joy and laughter, there are always a lot of guests.Energy at home contributes to the implementation in the works, gives inspiration. Here sociable people, including family ones, will feel great. They can live a full life.

Minuses:this house will not leave you personal space. Therefore, if you love solitude, this place does not suit you. If your life is not connected with creativity, depression can roll. And still the troika contributes to the emergence of problems with money.

4 - conservative house

Four - the number of stability, confidence and security. People who are accustomed to achieve their goals with their work, albeit very hard, feel well here. The right place for those who are always honest, rational and practical.

Minuses:for a creative person this place is not very suitable. This house loves serious and organized people, disciplined and responsible, the bohemians do not settle down. In addition, there is a risk of driving themselves to a pulp.

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5 - party house

This is the place where you can have fun and have a great time. It is here that you can meet lively, interesting, energetic and unusual people. Energy at home supports the development of personality through self-discipline.If there are problems with it, there will be no happiness in such a house. The motto of the man from the house of five: if life threw you a lemon, make lemonade.

Minuses:energy house pushes for excesses. If self-control and discipline are not well developed, you may find yourself addicted to alcohol or eating too much. And this house is not for people looking for stability.

6 - the home of a caring person

Warmth, compassion, care - these are the main things that prevail in this house. An ideal place for a family with children. People in the service and design sector will feel good here. They are able to do everything to make their customers feel in harmony with the world.

Minuses:in such a house, it is easy to forget about yourself, devoting your life to serving others. It is so nice and calm here that you want to go out into the world less and less. Do not lock yourself in your cocoon and do something for yourself - this is the recipe for happiness for the inhabitants of apartments with the number 6.

7 - Introvert House

This is a place for contemplation and introspection. Listening to your intuition, discovering yourself, searching for spiritual truth, finding peace of mind - this is all you can offer a house with a number of personality 7.Be yourself, believe in yourself and trust others - this is what you can learn in the apartment of seven.

Minuses:living in such an apartment, it is easy to withdraw into yourself and even begin to consider yourself better than others. And this is not the best place for people who are trying to part with some bad habits. Well, this apartment is not suitable for those who can not stand alone.

8 - the house of an imperious person

Power, authority, prestige - these are the goals of a person who will be comfortable in this apartment. Energy at home helps to gain financial well-being, it "taxis" material flows. Apartment for strong personalities, hardy and organized, talented managers.

Minuses:too much window dressing. Everything is only the best, only the new and prestigious - the house risks turning into a glossy picture, empty and soulless, created in order to make an impression. The house should have a heart, do not lose it.

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9 - House of the Humanist

For the inhabitants of this apartment, self-sacrifice is not an empty sound. They enjoy helping others. They are wise, do not focus on the past, love to travel. In such a house often come for good advice.

Minuses:people of creative and humanitarian professions feel good here. But businessmen are not too comfortable here. Business acumen, often associated with aggression and toughness, weakens.

11 - teacher's house

A powerful place for the development of intuition. A great place for everything related to spiritual development, the search for truth, self-improvement. House filled with light. The vocation of its inhabitant is to help other people.

Minuses:living in such an apartment, it is easy to fall into excessive reverie to the detriment of real actions. Living in illusions is not the best option.

22 - the house of the master

This is an organized and well maintained home. His master is constantly learning, improving and developing. An ideal place for an architect, a writer or a representative of any other profession whose mission is to change the daily lives of other people.

Minuses:in such a house it is impossible to relax and “let go of the reins”. You always have to be in good shape, always striving upwards.

How to change the energy of the apartment

Yes, this is possible. Suppose you live in an apartment with the number 2, but you would prefer the number 5. Just add a triple to the apartment number on the door — you can even from the inside, so that there is no confusion.Or, for example, you have a flat-seven, and you want a three. In this case, add a five to the number - fold once, add two, and you get what you need.

Fear of thirteen

The most powerful superstitions are related to the number 13 - the devil's dozen. 13 people participated in the Last Supper, the 13th sign of the zodiac was thrown out of horoscopes, among the ancient Persians 13 were considered chaos, while the Scandinavians 13th god was Loki, the god of deception.

In Asian countries, the number 4 is not tolerated. It often happens that the house does not have a fourth floor, a fourth apartment. This is because the word “four” sounds in Japanese, some dialects of Chinese and Korean as “death.”

The Japanese do not like even numbers, this dislike migrated to us. True, we have this superstition concerns only the number of flowers in the bouquet, and the Japanese have literally everything, from cash gifts to the number of dishes during lunch.

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