How and why to get rid of pride?

Insidious and cunning pride is a terrible quality, which, unfortunately, it is not always possible to recognize and eradicate in its early stages of education, and when it gains strength, the matter takes a completely different turn. Immediately clarify and understand, do not you confuse pride and pride?

Two similar words, at first glance, should be roughly the same, but, in fact, this is not at all the case. Pride is a good quality that is respected and even praised in society, because such people are considered strong by nature, they are not amenable to influence and do not allow themselves to be manipulated.

And what about pride? At the very moment when pride grows so much that it is already acquiring an unhealthy form, pushing a person to constant condemnations of others and a growing sense of self-satisfaction, it becomes pride.

No wonder it is called one of the seven deadly sins, this quality is condemned and condemned by others, and even the person with such a flaw can rarely be truly happy.So what is pride? The people embraced by this quality value and love themselves so highly that they cease to notice completely what is happening around them.

They are always convinced that their opinion is correct and they never even think that they can be wrong. These people always condemn others, constantly hinting at their superiority, despise others' successes and are simply not able to sincerely rejoice over others. Still, the proud are always prettier (smarter, richer, luckier, and so on)!

All these feelings, most often, work at the subconscious level, and it is very difficult for a person to recognize such serious flaws in himself. But others are still as noticeable! And the longer pride grows within you, the harder it will be to cope with it.

No wonder, because it does not appear when everything is bad, on the contrary, it arises when a person achieves some success in life, the well-being and admiration of others comes to him. How in a state of such euphoria to notice that suddenly you become a proud person, overgrown with megalomania?

It is not difficult to guess what might be waiting for such a person in the future: friends,who failed to “live up to expectations” of the proud, gradually turn away, relatives try to communicate as little as possible, and the person himself, intoxicated by the force of pride, languishes alone. How to get rid of pride?

How to understand that you won the pride?

It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, an adult mature person or a young teenager, in order to eradicate pride, it is very important to begin to recognize it in yourself and to agree that these traits are really inherent in your character.

  • increasing disrespect and contempt for the people around them;
  • intolerance for the shortcomings of others, irritation and irascibility even towards the closest people;
  • blaming others for their own difficulties and problems;
  • inability to recognize their own mistakes or incompetence in any matter;
  • lack of ability to ask for forgiveness from others;
  • the constant desire to be praised, admired and sang “odes” to your merits and successes.

Have you noticed that at least a few items from the list exactly apply to you? It's time to urgently start working on yourself! You may be surprised, but there is no man in the world who, at least in very small measure, was not subject to pride.

But there is still a colossal difference between people who try to constantly control this vice and not succumb to his power, but there are those who are completely immersed in his sweet embrace.

How to get rid of pride?

The question is partly philosophical, because this is not a disease at all, but a serious vice that only a person is capable of fighting. And for this you need a burning desire! This is the only way to achieve success and improve your own life.

  • Try to understand: even if a really very talented, intelligent, beautiful and just incredible person, it does not give you the right to look at others "from high" or with disdain. Thus, you, first of all, humiliate yourself, and not those who are worse than you.
  • Many proud people complain that they lose their friends and acquaintances because they envy you and understand that they are not able to achieve the same success. Sometimes this is true, but more often, the person himself arrogantly pushes away all possible contacts, sometimes without even noticing it. Try to be easier, less often in conversations to emphasize other people's shortcomings and exalt your own merits, accept people as they are, learn to truly enjoy other people's successes and small victories, even if they are not as significant as yours.No wonder they say that the simpler a person is, the more friends he has.
  • Take a look at your behavior from the side. Think about it, but would you like to have such a self-satisfied and self-assured "wise man" in friends? More likely no than yes. And now think how you look in the eyes of others.
  • Make compliments more often, support your friends, relatives and colleagues, smile and inspire hope! Believe me, it is not only important for you when you are appreciated and approved, but also support all the best and positive.
  • Focus on everything positive, you will not have time to notice how the negative around you will begin to evaporate, and people will reach out to communicate with such an interesting and intelligent person as you!
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