Horoscope flaws: caution, Libra!

Friendly and smiling, artistic and charismatic, looking for harmony in everything and dreaming of a conflict-free space. It would seem, what disadvantages can Libra have? But, nevertheless, they are. And today we will tell you about them.

"Beyond Good and Evil"

Scales can be friendly and smiling, even with notorious villains, just to “not rock the boat” and not make enemies for themselves. They persistently pretend that they are not concerned with the history of a person, that they understand and accept any actions. Tolerance, of course, is not the worst quality, but when they justify even bestial behavior, because they are afraid to intervene and fix something, although they have the opportunity to put an overblown individual in place, this is already beyond good and evil.

Representatives of this sign often practice tactics "and yours and ours." Communicating with people who are hostile with each other, they "sing along" with both of them in order to stay clean and good for everyone.They support both conflicting parties, fearing, as if they were not made extreme, which is why they regularly fall into an awkward position, since their double-dealing does not remain a secret for long.

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