Homemade hand masks: effective rejuvenation and skin softening

Homemade hand masks: effective rejuvenation and skin softeningThe first thing that gives the age of a woman is her hands. And indeed, no matter how carefully you think about the dress, whatever makeup is applied, dry, loose skin, covered with pigment spots and wrinkles, will spoil the whole image. Unfortunately, the hands grow old very quickly due to the influence of negative external factors: cold or dry air, aggressive household chemicals, and contact with water. Our task is to prevent a destructive effect, and the easiest and most affordable way is to use anti-aging and softening hand masks.

Nourishing mask

The main task of nutrient masks for the hands is to fill the lack of vitamins. Get in-store capsules with vitamins A and E and enrich your creams with them. Also try hand masks for rejuvenation and nutrition:

  • Honey mask. Honey moisturizes and improves skin elasticity; it contains vitamins, trace elements, folic acid.Mix 2 teaspoons of honey, 20 gr. oil (preferably olive or almond), a few drops of natural lemon juice and raw yolk. After 15 minutes, the skin of the hands becomes noticeably more elastic.
  • Lemon mask. Lemon contains a huge amount of vitamin C and A, potassium. To create a mask (which, by the way, it will also be whitening), mix 2 tablespoons of fat sour cream with the juice of half a lemon.
  • Mask with glycerin. To prevent aging and restore skin elasticity, mix pharmacy glycerin and vitamin E in proportions of 1: 1, apply to your hands before bedtime.

Homemade hand masks: effective rejuvenation and skin softeningSoftening mask

Softening masks become most relevant in the winter when, due to strong winds and frost, the skin of the hands becomes coarse and rough. Vaselin and paraffin will help us. Cover your hands with a thick layer of Vaseline and dip into warm paraffin, then wrap with a film. After 15 minutes, the skin will become softer. You can alternate the procedure with emollient masks, such as potato masks. Take mashed potatoes, olive oil, milk and mix in proportions 2: 1: 1, put on your hands and wash off after 20 minutes.Homemade hand masks: effective rejuvenation and skin softening

Regenerating mask

The cracked skin of the hands not only gives out age, but constantly brings discomfort to its owner.Masks with active regenerating components rich in vitamins A and amino acids will help to cope. Take a ripe avocado and chop it with a blender, add a tablespoon of honey, a spoonful of sour cream or natural yogurt without additives. Mix well and apply the mixture on your hands. Enhance the effect will help insulating film. In addition to the wound healing action, it is an excellent mask for rejuvenating hands, eliminating peeling and increasing turgor.Homemade hand masks: effective rejuvenation and skin softening

Affordable pharmacy tool - a mask of blue or white clay, as well as kelp algae.
It is important to remember that in addition to masks for hands, it is necessary to regularly apply exfoliating scrubs on the skin (for example, based on sugar, sea salt or coffee beans), carry out therapeutic baths (vegetable decoctions are perfect), use nourishing and protective creams, do not forget to wear rubber gloves in contact with water.

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