Heart-to-heart talk: interview with Rinal Mukhametov

The past year for Rinal Mukhametov, who is remembered by D'Artagnan in the movie “The Three Musketeers” (2013), became saturated both in professional and personal life (an actor with a Hollywood appearance appeared in the acclaimed blockbuster Fyodor Bondarchuk “The Attraction”, and also Rinal and his spouse Susanna Akezhevoy, daughter Evia was born).

Rinal is now involved in several projects at once. In an interview, he proved that combining film career and fatherhood is quite real.

Rinal, tell me, what project are you working on?

I am acting in a fairy tale by Alexander Boguslavsky called “Abigail”. I play the creator of the magic weapon Norman. This is a story about the world of wizards and artists who are trying to decorate everything around with iridescent colors. I hope the picture will appeal not only to children, but also to parents.

Do you believe in miracles yourself?

Of course. They constantly occur in my life. I always hope for the best and thank the Universe and my inner God for everything that happens to me.

Now you're shooting a lot. Free time left?

Actually, I love my job. I like what I do. Free time is also there. I spend it mainly with my family - my wife Suzanna and my daughter, Evia. In this regard, I'm a boring person. Of course, it happens, we get out somewhere, drink tea with friends, but not often. We are with Suzanne and Evia love to walk in the parks and travel. Our daughter recently recently visited abroad. Flew to Spain. Everything went even better than we thought. There were no problems either during the flight or on vacation, although our berry was only five months old. From Spain left the most positive impressions. There's an amazing attitude towards children. When Spaniards see babies, they are so happy.

Tell me a little about Evia ... Who is she more like?

On April 5, Evia will be a year old. We plan to celebrate this event tasty and sweet. Everyone says that she is my copy, as if they are talking to a small Rinal. But this is how to look. As a child, I had brown eyes, and in Evia they had a beautiful greenish shade. Suzanne, by the way, is also not that color. In general, it turned out an unusual combination.

And what is your dad?

I asked my wife whether I was strict or soft? Suzanne said that a loving dad who combines these two qualities simultaneously.

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How do you recover after work?

When you do your favorite thing, then the fatigue after the work done is pleasant. You understand that something interesting has turned out, now you can relax a bit. I gain strength more often at home. Although before all the time was on some kind of crazy drive. And now it has become calmer because a family has appeared. Everything has its time.

Do you have a man's weakness?

I love massages, especially legs. I get crazy pleasure. Still, do not believe, I love to visit the dentist. In a dental chair, I relax and always leave in a good mood. People often ask me if I bleached my teeth? Never. I have a light enamel from birth, but I immediately realized that it was necessary to follow it. In addition, a smile is an important attribute of the actor's profession.

Many men say that after the birth of children become more sentimental? And you?

Generally with tears I have problems.I can be moved, but deep inside. With the advent of my daughter, I became much deeper, more serious. I understand that I have a big responsibility. There was a revaluation of values. Now I know for sure who I am doing all this for, why I live on the planet at all. Family is the most important. Sometimes, because of our ambitions and in pursuit of career heights, we miss something important. And if you are on the path of a family man, then be kind, work for the benefit of this miracle. I want to diversify the life of Evia as much as possible, to make her comfortable. It's just that they have already invested in me - I am grateful to my parents, Susanna ... and even the enemies who made me stronger. And now I invest in my daughter. I cannot say that I have become kinder, I am not one of those who will be silent in stalemate situations. But calm and purposefulness appeared. If earlier it was just scorching - it doesn’t matter if it is in the “milk” or nine, now, as a professional sniper, only in the top ten.

You are a real mod. Who does your style?

We go shopping with Suzanna. My wife is my stylist, she always gives advice, and I tell her too. We love clothes, and yes - I am ready to spend a few hours shopping. I believe that appearance is another opportunity to demonstrate their individuality.In my case, it is also part of the work, image. And just from buying beautiful things mood rises. In fact, many people like stylish things. And when you have money, it's all magic.

What is your favourite colour?

At the time of entering the theatrical university, he went only in white. And now I switched to black. Practically, with the child it is more convenient. If you are doused, then nothing is visible. In addition, black things look impressive. I also love dark blue.

Do you have a dream role? With whom of the directors would like to work?

I have a lot of thoughts on this topic. I follow the work of American theater director Robert Wilson, James Tierre - he is the grandson of Charlie Chaplin. I also like movies that are based on comics. Director-animator Hayao Miyazaki is my idol. Among the favorite works that I would like to “revive” in the cinema are Dante's Divine Comedy, Homer's Iliad, the story of Cupid and Psyche by Lucius Apuleius, the myth of Aida and Persephone. Mikhail Lermontov has a wonderful poem “The Demon”. I would love to try myself, although it is believed that this is a dangerous role ...

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Some actors are afraid to star in mystical pictures ...

And on the contrary, it is interesting to me. In fact, our life consists of mysticism. Many times I reread Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita. I want to believe that the things described there, at least to some extent, exist. When reading it seems that the author himself saw it. Although many people say: after mushrooms it doesn’t happen that way ... Well, for me it’s not so easy to talk like that. Something no one repeated the success of "The Master and Margarita." As for directors, I communicate perfectly with Maxim Didenko and Kirill Serebrennikov. By the way, I studied with Kirill Semenovich, and now I play the Gogol Center in his theater, so new roles and experiments lie ahead. Of course, if James Tierre flew to Moscow and made a casting here, I would go.

Watching TV?

Despite the fact that now it has become fashionable not to watch it, I turn it on every morning. I have several favorite channels - Animal Planet, Discovery, Disney. It surprises me why people are driving themselves into some kind of silly framework: I don’t watch telly, I don’t eat meat, I refuse eggs. And I like this all in the trend. That's funny. Life is diverse and beautiful, you need to use everything, just be able to filter - and everything will be fine.

Do you have time for books?

Yes. Now I read the “Circle of Reading” by Leo Tolstoy, where he describes the thoughts and aphorisms of famous philosophers. Sometimes I re-read the poems of Omar Khayyam and Vladimir Mayakovsky, each time finding something interesting.

Do you have any idols among the adult generation of actors?

It is hard to say, since I respect everyone very much ... and Konstantin Khabensky, Yevgeny Mironov, and Vladimir Mashkov. They work, are engaged in charity. And I'm a big fan of Soviet actors. Among my idols are Mikhail Pugovkin, Anatoly Papanov, Evgeny Leonov, Andrei Mironov. I'm a big fan of films with Marina Ladynina.

Modern Russian cinema is constantly criticized. Why do you think?

It is all from a bad mind. In fact, people themselves watch and support the type of "stupid" films, and then scold. So you yourself go on this slag. Demand creates supply. In the Soviet Union, too, filmed a lot of films, just a large part of them remained on the shelves. At the same time, we must not forget that the movie is different, and if this is an easy comedy without a deep plot, this does not mean that it’s a bad job. By the way, the film “Attraction”, shot by Fyodor Bondarchuk in the still new fantasy genre for Russia, has also received a lot of “flattering” reviews. But I am extremely glad that this blockbuster was released.I think that the work was a success. Although I will not be cunning, doubts were also. The actors are young, the genre is very complex. I think we managed to show what the director intended. Fedor Sergeevich himself is young in heart and is in constant creative search. Therefore, it is so interesting to work with him.

And what can you say about the festival film, which, on the contrary, is praised?

There is also a lot of slag. A person can read a monologue from Dostoevsky for thirty minutes, at the same time there are ant shit, and at the same time someone is writing to him. And this type of aerobatics! Why should I watch such films? This is bullshit. But the author's movie can not be hurt. Now in general, the audience has become all-knowing. And the cinema, and sport - everything is wrong with us. Poor our football players. I have great respect for professional athletes. He himself had been practicing taekwondo for five years, then hockey and another two months in gymnastics. I understand how difficult it is.

What is your life motto?

Work and everything will be fine. If you want something to work out, you need to lift one seat from the sofa. No matter who you are - a loader or a businessman. You can be the best in any profession and earn good money.Although, of course, there are people who do not want to work and do something. Once I gave a homeless person on the street a hundred rubles. He looked me up and down and discontentedly muttered: "What kind of trifle are you putting to me? What shall I buy on them? ”And I don’t feel sorry for such people. They believe that they have to work for them, help them.

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