Gwyneth Paltrow scared everyone with a spoiler

If Heidi Klum had rivals in an unofficial competition for the worst costume in the past Halloween, then this is undoubtedly Gwyneth Paltrow. The effect of surprise also worked: no one expected such a terrible trick from a good girl. But the actress was able to surprise everyone: for the most sinister holiday of the year she prepared the most original and at the same time frightening image. Gwyneth correctly caught the general mood: everyone, like fire, is afraid not of ghosts or werewolves, but ... spoilers for films, series, books. Therefore, for Halloween, the actress prepared a spoiler for David Fincher's film “Seven,” the same one where she played the spouse of the protagonist, a detective who hunts for a serial maniac. At the end of the film - HERE HERE, CAUTION, SPOILER! - the detective receives a cardboard box in which he finds ... the head of his wife. So, Gwyneth met Halloween in the same box that she just put on her head.

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