Gum - a flower made of leather and fur

Every girl loves to decorate her head with ribbons, hoops or flowers. If you have a piece of non-thick leather at home (from an old bag, jacket or any other leather product), then do not throw it away, but make yourself an ornament with your own hands that will differ in individuality and creative idea. To create flower - leather gum, we need: - any thin skin; - a little natural fur; - feathers from a duck or any other bird (feathers can be taken decorative); - scissors;- glue moment crystal; - handle; - form for a petal; - elastic.
 we need
The next step is to take a piece of skin and a shape for a petal. Circle on the skin this form in the amount that it will fit. On average, we need 40-50 petals for one flower.
 Circle on the skin
I made a form in the form of a heart,so that the edges of the flower do not turn out unnaturally smooth. Then cut all the petals.
 cut the petals
The next step is to burn the edges of the petals, this can be done in three ways.1 way - fry the leaves in the pan. 2 way - use tweezers and a candle. 3 way - use a lighter. Frying the leaves in the pan leave a lot of soot in the apartment. After them, it is very difficult to deflate a flat in 2 minutes, but black soot does not form on the skin. A candle can very quickly process the edges of the petal, but then soot will remain on the leaf. The best way is with a cigarette lighter. It does not leave nagara, it quickly burns all the ends, but the gas is consumed very quickly.
 burn the edges of the petals
>img src="" alt="burn the edges of the petals" title="burn the edges of the petals">
These petals after frying pans. If you overdo them a little, the edges can be badly damaged (as in the photo).
 damaged edges
petals after the candle
Here, for comparison, there are petals that there were obzhin on the griddle and above the candle. As they themselves saw, a candle was used on the left side to process the leaves, soot from the candle formed on the inside of the leaf, but it wouldn't hurt us, because we will work with the second side. Next we look for any round shape or if it is not limping eye meter, draw a circle on the skin, which will be the basis for our flower. I took the cap from the camera, but your form can be both bigger and smaller. Next, cut a circle out of a piece of leather.
cut a circle out of a piece of leather
 cut out a circle from a piece of skin
Next stage we need to paste the leaves on our base. They do not necessarily glue exactly to each other, and you can in a chaotic manner. Rows can be 3-5-8, it all depends onhow much petals you have and how much you want a lush flower.
 stick the leaves on our base
You can apply glue not only on the base for the flower, but also on the petals themselves.
 Apply glue
 Starting the second row
Attack by the second row.
 paste the petals
Thus, we paste the petals on each other with a release of a few millimeters. As a result, you should get this kind of preparation without a core.
blooming rose
You can sprinkle a bead on the center of the flower, decorate it with sparkles or rhinestones or stick a button. I decided to make a flower that would be the most similar to a blooming rose.
 then fold 2 times
If we pasted over before the base of the flower is petals to the center and on a flat surface, now we need to do the opposite.To do this, take a normal petal and wind it, and then add it in 2 times.
 then add in 2 times
This stock for us it is necessary to begin to glue the petals.  start pasting with petals
 begin to paste with petals
We put a petal one on the second, and in the end we should get here such a bulk flower.
flower of skin and fur
So we got a core that needs to be pasted into the center of the workpiece. Cent is abundantly lubricated with super glue.
 flower made of leather and fur
Now it's up to the decoration. I use feathers and natural fur for this purpose. Feathers stick on a piece of leather.
 flower made of leather and fur
In the same way, we attach to a piece of leather and fur. All glued to the back of the flower.
 flower of skin and fur
From the outside, it all looks like this.  flower of skin and fur It's only necessary to fix the elastic band and the flower is ready.We take a piece of skin, apply glue on it, go through the elastic band and attach it to the flower. All! Our flower is ready, it remains to give it 20-30 minutes to dry from the glue.

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