Gluk’oZa: “I saved money for an apartment for three years, I didn’t even buy clothes”

The singer never let the press to her home, but for “Antenna” she made an exception and conducted a tour of her Moscow apartment.
Photo: Dmitry Iskhakov

- At the age of 15, I recorded my first single “Shuga”, and at 16 I had already moved out of an apartment in a Stalinist house where I lived with my parents, to the first rented accommodation in the Leninsky Prospect area. I liked it there so much that I decided: my own future apartment will certainly be here. Everything is close by, there is a beautiful park, not far from the beautiful Gagarin Square, and I have studied the area far and wide. It took a little more than three years to fulfill a dream. I didn’t want to get into debt or take a loan, so I saved all the money I earned and saved. During this time, I did not buy myself anything, not a single jewelry, elegant dress or expensive bag. Maybe then I was very young, and therefore did not spend on clothes. She just did not interest me.Available T-shirts, jeans and sneakers completely satisfied. By the age of 18, I earned money in a flat and in a wardrobe too.

The groom displaced stucco

Photo: Dmitry Iskhakov

- How happy I was when I received the keys: “My God, my concrete walls!”, I wanted to kiss them. I have never had an idea of ​​what exactly my apartment should be. Unless it is obligatory with high ceilings, as in the house of the childhood. Free layout, where the kitchen goes into the dining room, then in the living room I was completely satisfied. She did not change anything, only the sliding door to the bedroom added. And in the interior I wanted to combine modern details, for example, high-tech kitchen with a classic baroque style. A designer, a talented young man from Odessa, and my future husband Sasha helped with this (on June 17, 2006, Natalya married businessman Alexander Chistyakov. - Approx. Antennas). At that time, our relationship had just begun to develop, and so lucky that at that time Sasha was working just opposite my house. Very comfortably! He came, gave me advice, and as a person who is well versed in art and architecture, he helped not to overdo it.I am still from an ordinary family, from a simple courtyard, where it has always seemed to everyone that it is expensive, rich and beautiful - it is certainly a monogram, a pretzel, stucco everywhere. I remember Sasha saying: “Well, why so much?” In the bedroom, stucco resisted. Since I made this housing for myself and my beloved grandmother, Lydia Mikhailovna, the apartment turned out to be cozy and feminine, in such a slightly palace style.

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