Free and formal business style for men, accessories

Casual and formal business style for menCasual and formal business style for men

Free business style for men



Loose business casual clothing usually means khaki pants, a polo shirt or long sleeves, a V-neck jumper, sometimes a blazer or blazer, and brown leather shoes (or moccasin soft leather shoes). Socks are required!


A short-sleeved shirt is by definition a casual style of clothing.


Flannel and cotton pants belong to the free style of clothing in any company.

T-shirts, shorts and sandals for work are not worn.

Advertising agents, artists and fashion workers may wear leather jackets.

There is nothing better than a regular shirt without a pattern.

T-shirts are best to wear musicians, programmers and lawn mowers.

Dark-colored moccasins are a casual style of clothing. Sneakers and boots with thick soles are good for sports,but not for work.

Blazers and sport jackets are not acceptable in all companies.


Formal business style for men



It is much easier for men to choose clothes for themselves than for women. Formal style means wearing a suit. However, the costume itself is not all.


Creating a business wardrobe is expensive. But you earn money, including in order to dress well. Buy the highest quality clothes that your budget can handle. Your wardrobe is an investment in your career, so do not be stingy!


If you have been working for a long time, then there are already several suits in your wardrobe: two or three woolen ones (for autumn and winter) and one cotton one (for spring and summer). When choosing a suit, first look at the fabric and cut. The suit should sit well on you, and you should be comfortable in it. Pay attention also to style.


The fabric from which your costume is sewn should not shine and sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.


Costumes sew from woolen, cotton and linen, as well as all kinds of mixed fabrics. Woolen fabric is the most versatile. Wool fabrics are summer (light) and winter (warm).Pure-wool fabrics - gabardine, tweed, flannel, etc. Synthetic fibers, such as nylon, lycra or polyester, are present in woolen blended fabrics. Suits made of woolen blended fabrics are not as traditional as costumes made of pure wool, but they are durable, durable and comfortable to wear.


Costumes from cotton and linen fabrics are also very popular. Linen costumes are especially relevant in regions with hot and humid climates. However, remember that linen fabrics crumple very quickly.


The standard colors for a business suit are dark blue, black, ash gray and dark brown. A dark blue or ash gray wool suit is an ideal starting point. In some companies allowed suits in thin stripes. Suits khaki and various shades of ocher are appropriate only in late spring and summer.


There are three main types of business attire (and many variations).

  1. American. The jacket is fastened with two or three buttons, the slot in the middle, without shoulder straps; trousers straight.
  2. Italian. Jacket without slot; shoulder straps; trousers are wider than in suits of American style.
  3. British. Jacket with two vents or without vents, with shoulders and narrowed waist; Pants already, than in suits of the American and Italian breed.



When you are standing or walking, you can fasten the jacket on all buttons, only on the top or top and middle (if there are three). Sitting down, unbutton your jacket (or at least the bottom button).


Double-breasted jackets need to be able to wear.


The suit should sit perfectly on your figure. Buying a suit for fifteen hundred dollars is completely pointless, if it does not suit you.


Brush your jacket and pants every day (at the end of the day and in the morning, before going to work).


Get five white and light blue shirts with a long sleeve. If your company adopted a conservative style, you will not need other shirts.


As for collars, classic collars on the rack, which are not worn without a tie, are always popular.


Socks are simple: choose dark socks to match the color of the suit. To suits khaki go socks are dark brown or khaki. Socks with a pattern are allowed if the pattern is not too catchy. Socks should be cotton, wool or silk. Synthetic socks can create problems that we will not discuss here. The length of socks can be from medium to maximum.


White socks at work are completely unacceptable.


White socksIn case you want to appear at work without socks at all, we hasten to bring to your notice that this is even worse than white socks.


Choose shoes is easy: black or brown leather shoes. The color of the shoe must match the color of the suit: black shoes go well with ash gray, black or dark blue suits; brown - with brown and tan. Your shoes should always be clean and polished to shine. Watch for the condition of shoes: worn heels and ragged shoes are unacceptable!


Always carry with you a special black or brown marker in case you need to paint over scratches on your shoes.


Sneakers, boots with thick soles and sandals are not worn with a suit.


You probably think that this man does not need accessories. And if you think? After all, these little things play an important role in your appearance.




  1. If you have to wear neckties, follow these simple rules.
  2. Choose silk ties.
  3. The tie should go to the suit and shirt.
  4. The tie should not be too long (it should reach the top edge of the belt).
  5. A tie should not be the main element of your outfit.


Be prudent.Keep at work - just in case - a clean white shirt and a pair of simple, not too bright neckties. Little things that can happen! Do not wear a Mickey Mouse tie to work unless your colleagues in the office wear Winnie the Pooh neckties.


The bow tie- a special case. If you work in an old law office, in one of the oldest universities or in the philharmonic orchestra, a bow tie is quite appropriate. But in all other institutions, the bow tie is often (and, probably, not quite deservedly) treated with some suspicion. Be on the lookout: if you really like yourself in a bow tie and you think that there is clearly not enough men with such ties, ”there's nothing you can do about it: you want it - it’s worse than it hurts! However, please note that your refined taste may be misinterpreted in those places where civilization has not stepped far enough into the people.


Wrist Watch


If you want to emphasize your high status, get an expensive wrist watch. In general, for work, a watch at a reasonable price will fit perfectly, on a good leather strap or metal bracelet.




Forty years ago, a soft men's hat was considered the standard headgear; nowadays, caps are popular. If you wear a cap, remember: it should not have any inscriptions and symbols. In general, headwear can be worn any - most importantly, remember: they must always be removed when entering the room.




The best solution is a traditional leather briefcase, black or brown. Do not skimp on quality. If instead of a portfolio you prefer a case for a laptop, then the case must also be of high quality.

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