Fleece Bear with a Heart

February 14 - a wonderful holiday - Valentine's Day! Do not be too serious about this date, on the contrary, make it easy and fun. Give each other gifts for Valentine's Day, write "Valentine". No need to dwell on where this holiday is from and why it is celebrated. Just love, hug and celebrate! Treat Valentine's Day as a wonderful occasion to have a romantic evening. Give cute gifts to the person important to you: soft cats, little teddy bears with a big heart. Try to make an interesting hack yourself.
 Fleece Bear with Heart
To do this: • fleece: white 50 cm x 50 cm, red 5 cm x 5 cm; • needle; • scissors; • threads for embroidery; • filler: holofiber or sintepon. Size of the finished Bears 13 cm x 17 cm. We print the template or draw it ourselves. We transfer it to the fabric: we cut the pattern with needles and cut out 2 body parts with 0.5 cm seam allowances.Cut one large or several small hearts.
 cut out of paper
 cut the pattern
We sew the torso in one of the ways. The first method is with an edge tiling seam. In this case, the bear does not turn out, sew carefully. The second is stitching back with a needle.
We sew both parts are not completely. Reserve 4 - 5 cm for stuffing. Tightly fill the bear with holofiber. Eyes and nose embroidered with a thick thread. You can sew buttons or glue ready-made eyes. We sew 3 small hearts joined together or one big one to the legs-paws.
 Fleece Bear with Heart
 Fleece bear with a heart

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