Flax Seed Hand Mask

To prepare a homemade mask, you need to take a couple of art. spoons of flax seeds and a liter of water.
It is necessary to fill the seeds in a saucepan, then pour water and boil for about 20 minutes. If you have thin skin, then wait until the broth, which you have prepared, cool, because you are not recommended hot baths.
Dip your hands in the cooked liquid for fifteen minutes and relax. There will be a pleasant feeling, as if on the hands of a pleasant to the touch cream.
Do not wipe your hands after the procedure, let them dry on their own. Then you can put on your hands a cream or olive (optional flaxseed) oil.
Do not forget that such infusions and decoctions deteriorate very quickly, and therefore, they must be prepared before use. Only in this way will they have a healing effect on your hands.
This mask must be applied for several months by applying it once a week. You will be able to appreciate all the useful qualities of flax seeds after the first application. At the end of the whole course you will forget about dry hands forever.

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