Flamingo from a plastic bottle with his own hands - photo, how to make

Flamingo plastic bottle do it yourself

Flamingo plastic bottle do it yourself

To decorate your garden plot, it is not necessary to spend money on various garden sculptures. All these swans, herons, storks, eagles and even an exotic flamingo bird can be made from completely unexpected materials with their own hands.


In addition, products from plastic bottles are now very popular, so your small architectural forms will look modern and original. Therefore, for the garden and for giving such an option is optimal, of course, if you have imagination and skillful hands. And how to do this, you can learn by looking at the Internet video or photo, as well as after reading our master class.


How to make a flamingo - master class


To make a pink flamingo from a plastic bottle for a dacha, you first need to create a foundation. To do this, you need a five-liter canister from under the liquid soap, a metal-plastic tube (you can buy at any store building materials), screws.


Step one. The canister is cut (seescheme, red color), its neck remains at the bottom, there will be a tube for the shape of the neck. Approximately 3 centimeters are left from the edge, this is necessary in order to then attach the wings. Shift back, not reaching 3-5 cm to the edge, attach to the canister with screws.


Step two. Metal plastic tube for the legs bend according to the scheme (black), we get through the top. The bottom figure shows that the legs should pass into the hole that formed between the retracted rear wall and the bottom of the canister. Again we fasten with screws (on top 2, one on each side). The length of the flamingo legs is about 62-65 centimeters.


Step Three. The metal-plastic tube for the neck is also bent (black color in the diagram), passed through the neck of the canister, fastened with two screws on the bottom of the canister. The neck should be about 60 centimeters long.


We put a corrugated sleeve on the neck (also sold in hardware stores) and fasten it (you can glue it or simply insert it into the neck).
Now you can start making feathers. To do this, you need plastic bottles with a capacity of 5 liters. Cut them into 8 identical parts, feathers for the body can be halved.To look more beautiful, we try to lay feathers in a checkerboard pattern.

Flamingo plastic bottle do it yourself


1. First, close the back, to the legs.
2. Long feathers close the open space on the side, then in a circle (here you can use halves). Try to lay feathers symmetrically on both sides, leave the backrest open.
3. Closing the front is somewhat more difficult. You can cut the top of a five-liter bottle in the form of a daisy, begin to fasten from the place where the neck fits in with the canister.


Make sure that the screws are not visible, cover them with feathers.


Now you need to paint the feathers for the body, each separately. Then we cover the torso with a bag, and paint the head and neck with a different color. Although you can first fix everything (torso, neck, head) and paint at the same time, it will be easier. It all depends on the creator of fantasy.


The head for flamingos is done like this:


1. Apply a drawing on the foam (10 cm tall).
2. Using a clerical knife, cut along the contour, form the head and beak, not forgetting that you need to leave the crook.
3. We clean the shallow skin.
4. We process with the help of any putty (acrylic can be used), leave to dry for at least a day.
5. Again we clean with a small skin to achieve smoothness, we coat with glue of PVA, we give to dry.


A flamingo bird made by hand from plastic bottles should, on average, have a height of just over a meter (real flamingos are one and a half times larger). If you like products from plastic bottles, then you can make several for the garden or for giving such birds, let them “live” on your site in a couple or even a whole flock.

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