Figure nail from a nail

Figured knife from a nail- we do, with our own hands, small figured knives from nails. Of these, you can decorate items, as well as processing to imitate ancient weapons and much more.

Materials and tools:

  1. nail;
  2. hammer;
  3. pliers;
  4. file;
  5. blowtorch;
  6. "head" as an anvil.

Step 1

Take a nail and on the anvil with a hammer "flatten" about half the nail. To the sharp end of the nail "blade" should be the thinnest, to the cap thickens.

Step 2

Now, also on the anvil with a hammer, round the nail head.

Step 3

Now align ("flatten") the shank (the distance between the blade and the nail head). After aligning the shank, heat the shank (reddish) on the blowtorch - thereby making it softer.Pliers take a nail by the cap and in the middle and "twist."

Take the blank and process it with a file (file), giving it the desired shape and neat features. Also, if necessary, the knife can be sharpened and processed with fine sandpaper.

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