Dog's sense organs

Dog's sense organsDog's sense organs have the ability to more completely perceive and analyze information from the outside world. So, a dog and a cat can hear very high sounds (ultrasounds) that a person does not perceive. Dogs, cats, horses catch before people and modern electronic devices precursors of tectonic catastrophes (earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, etc.) that are very far from the habitat of these animals. The sense organs of dogs and other animals are a very important factor in determining impending catastrophes.


Several cases have been described, when dogs and cats, having learned about the upcoming earthquake, fleeing from destruction, left the habitat in advance by the masses.


The sense organs of a dog - it is generally known that dogs have an increased sense of smell. Lari Sheepdog by smell of sulfur dioxide in an area of ​​3 km has discovered 1300 species of pyrite and pyrite sulfur, of industrial interest, while geologists have identified only 270 species with the help of modern instruments.


YU.Vasiliev specifically ascertained the dog's ability to identify various ore deposits. Studies have shown that this quality of behavior is characteristic of many dogs, and they can be used for the geological service.


Thus, dogs easily detect ore deposits of sulfur pyrite at a depth of 1.5 to 7 m.


The ability of dogs to find ore deposits for the release of sulfur dioxide has pushed researchers to the idea of ​​using them as scouts for gas leaks.


In Estonia, special teams were formed for this. Each of them had a trained dog to search for a gas leak. It was the main indicator of determining the location of the accident and the release of gas to the soil surface.

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