Features of the Champi massage

When India became a colony of the British Empire, the British gladly began to use the services of Indian hairdressers. And all because they could not only skillfully cut, but also owned unique methods of massage of the head called “Champi”.

Ayurvedic techniques on guard of health

Indian women traditionally make such a massage to close people - children, husband, elderly people. This kind of care that brings not only pleasure, but also benefit. The therapeutic properties of this technique make it possible to get rid of many problems, because the Champi has many undoubted advantages:

  • thanks to the rubbing movements with the hands, which are abundantly greased with oil, the blood flow to the head improves, which means that the hair becomes stronger and grows more active, dandruff disappears;
  • memory is improved and concentration of attention is increased;
  • champi has a positive effect on mental activity;
  • relieves fatigue from the eyes, neck and shoulder area;
  • acts in a relaxing way, relieving stress;
  • It has a healing effect for headaches and helps to reduce pressure.

Indian massage is an ancient technique that is based on the teachings about the human body and the energy flows that “ply” on it. Champi affects the circulatory and lymphatic systems, activating their work.

Stages of

In the course of the massage, a certain sequence is important. How to do it right?

  1. Balancing the chakras. At this stage, the master makes pressing movements on important acupuncture points, thereby activating the process of releasing the energy of internal healing.
  2. Relaxation. During this short period of time, attention is paid to the massage movements of the shoulder and neck area, this helps relieve tension.
  3. Head massage. This is the longest part of the procedure. It applies pressure, compression, rotation, tapping. This is how blood circulation and lymph flow improves.
  4. Impact on whiskey. The final stage, which requires special skills and caution. You need to move from top to bottom in circular motions, which help to remove fatigue from the eyes and get rid of the headache.

In general, a champi session lasts about 40 minutes, but after the procedure it is recommended to rest another 10-15 minutes.

Contraindications to this type of massage can be transferred head injuries, dermatological diseases and some neurological disorders, so it is better to consult a doctor before treatment.

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