Features of the choice of lamps for the bedroom and the bathroom

When choosing luminaires, one should be guided not only by their appearance, size and design. Be sure to take into account the intended purpose of these interior items: for example, a bathroom will need a light fixture with special protective characteristics - this is due to an increased level of humidity.

For the bedroom

Before you buy a lamp for the bedroom, you need to properly evaluate its power and size of the room. Staying in the bedroom must be comfortable in terms of lighting at any time of day, because it is a place to change clothes, read books, watch television. For rooms with high ceilings ideal cascade lighting, which is a bit like candlesticks. For a studio apartment it is very convenient to use near-ceiling lighting and small chandeliers - they take up relatively little space, while they are able to create a light accent on the recreation area.


A special type of lighting fixtures will be needed for the bathroom - this is due to the fact that there is almost always an increased level of humidity, and the air temperature can rise to a high and critical for some materials values ​​in a short time. When choosing lighting fixtures for bathroom and bathroom should be guided by the following universal requirements:

  • ease of use - if the room of the bathroom is small in size, then you need to choose those lighting devices that do not require much trouble during installation;
  • It’s better to dwell on lights with closed shades. You should not buy portable lighting, as well as devices with open lamps;
  • It is recommended to use modern low-voltage lighting, which is powered by 12-24 V, in order to negate the risk of accidental electric shock. This requirement is optimally met by economical and modern LEDs;
  • If the choice is stopped on devices with halogen lamps, then transformers to reduce the voltage must be placed in a room with a minimum level of humidity. It is best to place them in the next room or in the hallway;
  • sockets and switches should be equipped with a special moisture-proof case so as not to cause an electric shock when touched with wet hands.

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