Faux fur coats: where to find the coolest

Fur coats from 30 thousand rubles

Of course, the works of famous designers (Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren and many others) deserve close attention, but we decided to look for more affordable options, because the coat of faux fur can not be equal to the price of the car. After examining the range of premium segment, it can be noted that there are interesting solutions.


The Blugirl leopard fur coat with stripes-letters, richly decorated with sequins and beads, seems partly hooligan, partly kitschy. However, it is easy to imagine such a short fur coat in the company of a midi dress or colored trousers, and also wide pants, like sailors. In a word, both in a feast, and in the world.

Faux Fur Blugirl Fur Coat

Faux fur coat Blugirl (30 500 rub. At a discount)

Mira Mikati

The game of color combinations - fashionable hobby is not the first season. On the outer clothing, this trend often looks controversial, but not in this case. Here, it seems, everything is in its place, and even the multi-colored diagonal strip does not look infantile.A bright monochromatic knitted hat with a pompon will be a great addition to the image.

Faux Fur Mira Mikati Fur Coat

Fur coat Mira Mikati in faux fur (30 623 rub.)

Fur coats up to 15 thousand rubles

A real magic wand - democratic brands. First, here you can always find a suitable option, and secondly, the price tag is always pleasantly pleased. A quick revision showed that the ekoshubs are abundant here (still, it’s available!), However, the emphasis is most often placed on short models - not too practical for walking and exiting from the subway to work, but it looks impressive on Instagram.


In Zara presented several interesting options. There are models in the style of boho, and similar to mink coats, and more fantasy. Among the large abundance stands out a short black jacket of teddy-touch material resembling a mink. Another option is for princesses, if not real ones, then for those who feel themselves as such: a lemon-colored coat that looks great in a company with a sweatshirt and jeans, as well as a dress with sparkles!

Fur Zara Fur Coat

Fur coat Zara made of faux fur (11 999 rub.)


Emerald shade - what you need to start the winter. I want to wear this fur coat with velvet pants in the colors of autumn foliage, with business-style trousers or evening dress on the floor, going to the theater for the premiere. It is easy to feel like a baby in a million.

Faux Fur Mango Fur Coat

Faux fur coat Mango (7 999 rub.)

H & M

Supermodel Kate Moss is crazy about leopard coats, in which she is ready to go all year round, regardless of fashion trends. This season, she is unlikely to look like a black sheep, because outerwear with an animal print is one of the main purchases of the season (and not only this year). So she would surely like a found coat, and if you are afraid to freeze, put on a light down jacket under the bottom.

Faux Fur H & M Fur Coat

Fur coat H & M faux fur (4 999 rub.)

Russian designers: made with love

By matṻ

Matṻ coats similar to the teddy bear (the brand received its name from the name of its founder Tatyana Matyushina) not only cause a rush of mimic mood, but also a feeling of incredible comfort - they are really warm. There is also a fur coat with a cozy hood, and fashionable models without a collar, similar to an ordinary coat, and bomber fans that are loved by women of fashion (a find for those who are driving). All coats are made of sheep wool, so they are so warm. Colors to choose from - from classic (white, black, brown and gray) to trend (coral, sky blue, red).

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