Fashionable bags spring-summer 2015: the most current models and colors

It is impossible to imagine how a modern woman would do without such an important everyday accessory as a bag. After all, women's bag is not only an “assistant”, but also a stylistic accent, without which the chosen image will seem incomplete. Therefore, we offer you on the eve of the new spring-summer season of 2015 to update not only your wardrobe, but also to purchase a new handbag (or better two!) That will meet the latest fashion trends.

Fashion bags 2015: an overview of the main models

The indisputable leaders of the spring-summer season will be: small handheld handbags, feminine clutches and mini handbags with a strap. However, the designers took care of the fans of roomy bags, among which are in the lead tote bag, shoppers and handbags. Note that among the stylish bags of the spring-summer 2015 season, youth favorites - backpacks will occupy a special place.

If it speaks about fashion trends of this season, then all the bags presented by designers can be divided into two groups. The first is to include bags of large sizes, which in 2015 will be distinguished by short handles, square and trapezoidal shapes, stylish colors. So, all the above criteria for this season match: bags, frame bag and shoppers.


But the second group will fall into small models, which, despite their modest size, have become clear favorites of the latest fashion shows of this year. Most small bags in 2015 will be different miniature and femininity. Among the leaders: mini-bags on the strap, clutches, handheld bag. Even stylish backpacks will vary in small sizes and rounded shapes.


Fashionable bags 2015: current colors and materials

If we talk about fashionable colors, then it is quite diverse. Most designers for the spring of 2015 preferred bags classic low-key gamut. So, the actual will be black, burgundy, brown, red, sand color.

But for the bright summer sun and the long-awaited warmth, the designers chose more juicy shades.So, in the summer of 2015, bags of bright colors will become popular: light green, pink, blue, lilac, gold, yellow, red.


As for fashionable materials, one can easily trace one tendency characteristic of women's handbags of most brands. The hotter the weather, the lighter the material from which it is made. So, if in the spring among the actual bags will be mostly leather and suede models, in the summer they will be replaced by textile, knitted, woven bags.

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