Eyeglass Case

In our time, a huge variety of cases for glasses, but sometimes you want something special or for a gift. A gift made by yourself will always please your loved ones. A spectacle case is a great idea! In it, glasses will always be safe and visible. For the manufacture of the eyewear, we will need: • cardboard binding (thickness 2 mm); • • watman;
• cotton; • 2 types of glue: PVA and Moment (Crystal or Universal); • • masking tape; • magnet for bags; • pencil, stack, ruler, clerical or circular knife, brush for glue, thread, needle, scissors. To begin, cut out the necessary parts of the case from cardboard with a stationery knife.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/6/766-vyrezhem-neobhodimye-chasti-futlyara.jpg" alt="cut the necessary parts of the case and "title =" cut out the necessary parts of the case ">
Here is a simple diagram of how it will look case. Below are the parameters of each side. Also, the diagram shows a sketch of a lock for a case, which will be discussed further.
 simple scheme
Parameters of the sides of the case for glasses: a = 16.6 x 7.6 cm b = 17 x 8 cm c = 16.6 x 6 cm d = 6 (at the base) x 7.8 x 7.8 cm h = 7, 5 cm Now cut out from the paper on two copies on each side by its size.For the outer sides a and c, the length of the cut out specimen must be increased by 4 mm.
 cut from paperman
Edge of side a will be beveled with a circular knife or clerical for that the corners of the sides do not interfere with each other.
 using a disk knife
Glue the sides (triangles) to the base, adjusting the ruler with a sharp at gloom so that they are perpendicular to the base.
 Glue the sides
Glue the three edges of side a with glue and fix it well between the sides. At the same time, the beveled side looks inwards.
 We glue with glue
This is the corner we should get on both sides of the structure.
Glue on the sides
with masking tape we glue all the inner and outer corners of our workpiece.
 paste over
With glue on sides a and and d both sides outside the cut pieces of paper.Glue is also on the b - glued side will be outer.
 leveling the surface with a stack
Cut out the fabric with the allowances so as to completely glue sides a and both sides d.
leveling the surface with a stack
Glue the fabric on a very thin layer of glue, leveling the surface with a stack. Carefully trim the unnecessary fabric around the edges and glue the corners.
 aligning the surface with the stack
 leveling the surface with a stack
Cutting on the inside parts of side b "hole" and slits for the first part of the magnet. You can use magnets without a lock.
 magnets without a lock
Cut the fabric so that you glue the side with and b at the same time. Glue the harvested piece of drawing paper for the side with, pasting only three sides.
 Attach this part to the base
Glue this part to the base ( side c).We prepare the spine with a length of 16.6 cm (the extreme sides must be bent). sew the lock for the castle
sew it for the lock and paste it yourself a template from the paper, attaching the second part of the magnet to it.  Glue the lock Glue the lock (glue" Moment "), side b (distance from side with = 7 mm) and only then the spine (PV glue , Prokleivaya all the bends) to the parts of the case. We insert from the outside the part of the magnet, fixing it with the inner.  glue the inside Glue the inside of the case with the already prepared blanks (paper-size glued with fabric). At the same time, first glue the inside of the side a so that the side and bottom edges capture the other sides (helping to form the corners of the stack).

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