Is emotion a sign of intelligence or stupidity?

Do you think an emotional person is smart or just wants to appear to them? Can we violently express our emotions or is it better to do without witnesses? These questions are very relevant, because today it is customary to be open in expressing your feelings. Another thing is how to interpret it. Go into hysterics at the slightest implicit reason, scream in the phone, show irritated in public places? Surely you meet such examples or you yourself sin with short performances with you in an unforgettable role. What happens in reality: you draw attention to your person, think that your emotions may be interesting to others, let off steam, involving other people. And all this under the pretext that you are simply "overly emotional."

And if you look at the situation from the perspective of an adult, not a three-year-old child: what annoys you? Most likely, some circumstance, something that is not going according to plan, is not as you expected.And, foreseeing foggy uncertainty, you fall into fear and feel real stress. Again, this behavior looks very doubtful from the outside, especially when we face an adult who does not control the internal volcano of rage and anger. Hand on heart, is it really so difficult to cope with a typical situation one hundred twenty-five times? A taxi did not arrive, a colleague broke the meeting, the husband confused something there.

If it seems to you that you are so cool that you can openly react to a sudden downpour or too hot cappuccino, which was prepared for you in a cafe, then you are mistaken

Is emotion a sign of intelligence or stupidity?

First, no one is obliged to listen to your cries. Secondly, an adult must be able to control himself. In addition, we all gain experience in emergency situations. The rational person takes the most important of his failures and draws conclusions, including in order not to be surprised any more and not to produce negative emotions. A stupid conclusion does not make and with pleasure goes in the wake of emotions, because why think with your head if “I'm all so emotional”?

So it is not clear how to treat emotions in general. On the one hand, I do not want to turn into crackers.On the other hand, emotions interfere with thinking and often push for nonsense.

But there is good news. Emotions are healthy. For example, you are angry and angry. Or friendly and want to smile around the world. When you are the cause, and the emotions are the effect, then everything is extremely good. Especially in our case of women, emotional intelligence is developed to the envy of all men, who often lack it. In this case, it's nice to talk about emotions as a trait of character or temperament. When there are resources to convey thoughts expressively, while remaining a reasonable person.

Is emotion a sign of intelligence or stupidity?

But splashing out of emotions is another story related to the inability to control and hold yourself. It's senseless to show feelings. Hysterical or complaining. And then the sacramental phrase usually sounds: “Emotions swept over me!” There can also be attributed extreme sensitivity and impulsive response. In fact, this is a trite bad habit and unconscious behavior, which is why it often wants to be compared with stupid behavior. And how else to characterize the experience for nothing? For a child, for example, they are certainly excusable, but you and I are not. Still say goodbye to the habit of making decisions because of the emotional impulse.Usually it is momentary, and the result lives much longer.

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