Embossing paper (embossing)

In this article, you will learn how to makeembossing (embossing) paperwith your own hands, which you can use when creating a greeting card, business card, wedding invitations, letters, etc. - emotosity gives unusualness and beauty, and the text written by embossing looks amazing.

Materials and tools:

  1. a paper knife (clerical, but preferably special for cutting from paper - special sets are sold);
  2. a stylus or something with a round at the tip (special kits are also sold, you can use a ballpoint pen, for example);
  3. cardboard, paper;
  4. adhesive tape or glue;
  5. A glass with a backlight from below (you can use the window).

Step 1

If you have a beautiful handwriting and you can come up with an original font, then act - everything is in your hands.In another case, use the ready-made font from Word, Photoshop or download the font you like from the Internet.

Choose the appropriate font, type in the necessary text, edit the font (we will play at intervals, in italics, to make it easier to cut it is necessary to make the text thicker).

We print the test (picture) on the printer.

Step 2

Print the font and glue the paper onto the cardboard with glue or tape. Holding and pressing a sheet of paper to the cardboard, we begin to cut along the contour of the text with a paper knife. Be very careful and careful, especially in narrow places, and carefully hold   around the place where you cut.

Step 3

Take a sheet of paper on which we will extrude, and put it on a cardboard with a cut out template,to make it easier to extrude the text we put the paper and cardboard on the glass with the backlight below, so the font will be better seen. Now with the help of the stylus proceed to emboss. You need to press lightly, otherwise you can tear the paper, especially in narrow places, it is better to hold down several times slightly by pressing. Be careful and patient, maybe the first time it will not work, but with some skill everything turns out quickly and beautifully.

All embossing is ready, enjoy the result. The use of this technique is unlimited and depends only on your imagination - make a postcard by writing a greeting text with embossing and you will pleasantly surprise the birthday man.

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