Eidetic for preschoolers

Do I need to develop the memory of the child?

Today they talk a lot about the development of memory, about what to engage with a child from an early age. Previously, this was paid much less attention, maybe the development of memory is not so important? Why does a child even have a good memory?
His success in learning directly depends on how well the baby will remember well and quickly. The better the memory works, the easier it is for a child to learn new knowledge, which means that he will have more chances to achieve success, first in school and then in career and business. Yes, and in simple life, a good memory is a great helper, allowing you to save time and money. Unfortunately, nature does not give everyone a good memory. That is why the development of memory needs to be addressed, and the earlier you start, the greater the results you can achieve.

Eydetik as a way to develop memory

Among the many ways to develop eidetic memory for children, it occupies a special place. The term "eidetic" is derived from the Greek word "eidos", which in Russian means "image". Eydetika is a method of developing memory with the help of visual images.In simple words, the meaning of eidetics is to apply its own visual image to any memorized information. Such images are generated by the means of inclusion in the work of the right hemisphere, which in children is known to be better developed than the left. It is difficult for children to memorize information in the form in which it is presented by adults: accurate data and logical chains - all this is under the jurisdiction of the left hemisphere, which in children is still not active enough. If, however, to teach information from the point of view of the right hemisphere, memorizing and assimilating it will become much easier. How to implement it in practice?
Developing a child's memory according to the method of eidetics, adults should become more observant themselves, try to use fantasy. For example, you and your child learn the alphabet: if you simply show the child letters and speak their names, it will be extremely difficult for him to remember all this. If you take a bright primer, where each letter has its own characteristic picture, the assimilation of information will go much faster. Similarly, it is worth doing when memorizing any other data. So, if you need to practice a verse to a children's party, invite a child to draw the plot of the verse on paper.Now, in order to recall the words of the poem, the child will only need to reproduce the picture he has drawn in memory. In this way, you can memorize anything you want: from songs and stories to dance movements. The main thing is to develop a habit in a child to always create in his head an image of what he is trying to remember. With this approach, learning from a routine duty will turn into a fascinating work.

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