Earplugs for sleep - real salvation

People who live in large cities, and even not far from the roads, perfectly understand how difficult it is sometimes to fall asleep under the noise coming from the street (even with the window closed). And some snore husbands. One way or another, but you need to sleep. Help in this earplugs. And how to choose and use them?

You should be comfortable in them.

What is it and why?

So, earplugs are devices that close the ear canals. What is it for? That noise did not distract from rest or from work. Depending on the specific destination earplugs are divided into several types:

  • For swimming. Such a device will protect the ear canals from water. They must be tight, but at the same time allow to hear sounds.
  • For diving. These earplugs protect not only from water, but also from excessive water pressure, which at a great depth can have a negative effect on the organs of hearing.
  • For travel and flight. These devices, firstly, allow you to relax during transportation on the transport, and secondly, they can have a special filter that protects against pressure drops and avoids the effect of piling the ears.
  • For musicians. They allow musicians to not hear loud sounds at concerts.
  • For motorcyclists. These devices protect against motor noise.
  • Ear plugs for sleep. They are used directly during sleep and protect, for example, from noise coming from the street or from the next room or from snoring. They are inserted before bedtime. The form should be as comfortable as possible, because with such a device you will have to spend the whole night.
  • Universal earplugs can be used in different situations and perform different tasks.

Also earplugs can be reusable and disposable. The first are used many times, the second after the first application must be discarded.

Pharmacies also sell special children's ear plugs of a special small size. But pediatricians do not recommend to use such devices often, as addiction to complete silence from childhood can negatively affect the development and functioning of the nervous system.

Who needs ear plugs for sleeping?

  • people living near busy roads;
  • those who sleep sensitively and wake up from insignificant sounds;
  • people whose relatives snore loudly.By the way, this problem can be solved differently - to remove the cause of snoring. In this very well help special clips - Antihrap;
  • people forced to sleep in noisy places.

Such devices do not have side effects, but only if they are used correctly and the basic rules are followed. But if you use earplugs all the time, it can become addictive, which will lead to the fact that a person will not be able to fall asleep if there is no perfect silence. So constant use is undesirable.

There are few contraindications, but there are:

  • Sulfur plugs. Ear plugs can push them deeper, which will lead to inflammation and its spread deep into the organs of hearing and further along the body.
  • Diseases of the organs of hearing or their damage.

How to choose?

How to choose and buy the most convenient and best earplugs? Need to pay attention to a few important points.

Come in the form of headphones


What are earplugs? What materials can they be made of?

  • Polypropylene (foam). Such material is the most common and inexpensive. Foam earplugs do a good job with their main function, they perfectly muffle the sound.But such products will not last for a long time, although the short service life is compensated by low cost.
  • Wax earplugs. Wax is a natural material. Such earplugs are comfortable to use, since they have a body temperature and repeat the natural form of the ear canal. Sound through such devices practically do not pass. But to find these products for sale is sometimes difficult.
  • Silicone earplugs do an excellent job with their main function. There are several types of silicone: silicone sheet is not very soft, but it lasts longer, it is easy to care for it. Plastic silicone is much softer and more comfortable to use, silicone thermoplastic has the same characteristics. But such materials are quite capricious and require special care.

Life time

As already noted, earplugs can be used once or repeatedly. If you constantly resort to using such devices, then it makes sense to purchase reusable ones. If the use is of a single character, it is easier to buy disposable earplugs, so that after applying them, simply throw them away and forget about it.

Noise protection

This factor is important.For example, if you sleep in a very noisy room, earplugs should provide good sound insulation and allow you to sleep in silence. And if the sounds are not so loud, then their complete elimination is not necessary, as the normal and natural conditions for falling asleep may suggest the presence of soft noises (the breath of a neighbor in bed, the noise of trees outside the window).

Ease of use

Since in these devices you are going to spend the whole night (or a few hours of sleep, which is also a lot), then pay special attention to comfort. What should I look for?

  • Softness. If the material is hard, then the earplugs will press on the ear canal and the auricle. Sleep and sleep well and sleep in such conditions is impossible. So the devices must be soft.
  • Saving the form. Ear plugs are inserted into the ear, so they must take its shape and keep it throughout the entire sleep period in order to cover all space and not fall out. Otherwise, the sounds will still interfere, because the sound insulation will be bad. But there should not be much pressure.
  • Hygiene. The material should not attract dust and dirt, holding and absorbing all this (especially when reusable). Contamination is the risk of inflammation.
  • The size should not be too large, since in a dream a person can toss and turn, change the pose. Outside the auricle, the device should not go out, but it will slightly rise above the ear canal so that it can be quickly and easily removed from the ear.
  • The dressing process should not be as complicated and lengthy as the extraction process.
  • Some earplugs are equipped with a connecting cord, which allows you to avoid loss.

How to use?

How to use earplugs?

  1. First, wash your hands well with soap (preferably with antibacterial).
  2. Clean the ear canal with a cotton swab.
  3. If the earplugs are soft, squeeze them a little.
  4. Gently place the product in your ear with careful twisting movements. Do everything without pressure!
  5. For some time, hold the device, move your ears, so that the earplugs occupy the desired position.
  6. After sleep, carefully remove the earplugs and place them in the container (if they are reusable).
  7. Clean the auditory passages.

If the earplugs are dirty or stick to your hands, they need to be changed or washed. Wash such products in warm soapy water. Dry the products completely before use! If the fixtures have lost their shape or become damaged, change them. Store items in a container to protect them from dust and dirt.

It is best to buy such products in a pharmacy. Their price is low and ranges from 10 to 200-300 rubles.

Sleep tight and easy!

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