Due to the law of the XVIII century, Prince Harry and Megan Markle will lose custody of children

There are still a large number of very different laws in Great Britain, many of which were passed several centuries ago and today would seem at least strange. For example, all swans in the country officially belong to Queen Elizabeth, and according to the law of 1324, and all aquatic inhabitants also (including dolphins and sturgeons).

But there are more important things than the swans: The English edition of The Sun recently found out that according to one antediluvian law, the British monarch has the right to full legal custody not only of his minor children, but also his grandchildren. Such a law was signed as early as the 1700s by King George I, who had his own reasons for this: because of his bad relationship with his son, he decided to transfer the throne to his grandchildren. In today's realities, this means that the dukes of Cambridge are obliged to ask Elizabeth II for permission if, for example, they want to take the kids with them on vacation or on an official trip.When Prince Harry and Megan Markle have children, then as parents they will also be limited in their rights - of course, only from a legal point of view. We are ready to argue, the revolutionary Megan will have this completely disliked!

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