Does it hurt to have sex?

Sexual intercourse is not always accompanied by exceptionally pleasant sensations. Therefore, many people are concerned about whether or not sex is painful, how to avoid this pain, and why it appears. But an unequivocal answer to these questions simply does not exist. It all depends on the type of sex with which unpleasant sensations arise, when and in what position.

Does it hurt to have first sex?

It is defloration, or rather, feelings during it, that excites all young people without exception. As you know, many girls experience unpleasant, and sometimes even severe pain. In more detail about why the first sexual intercourse is almost always painful, you will learn from our article - Why the first time hurts. You can add to the information presented in it only that not all girls feel pain. And many gynecologists say that the main reason for it is fear, reflex compression of the muscles of the pelvis and vagina, which leads to difficulties in introducing the penis.

But sometimes guys who have sex for the first time can be hurt. This can be due to both psychological factors and minor injuries that can be received directly during sex.

It is possible to avoid painful sensations or at least reduce their severity. Firstly, you need to relax and completely trust your partner. Secondly, the duration of the preludes should be maximized, since only strong arousal can help avoid pain. Thirdly, you can use special lubricants and condoms with anesthetic, which will reduce the discomfort.

Pain during anal sex

Experiments in sex often end not only with pain, but sometimes even with injuries. So, in society there is a stable opinion that anal sex, especially for the first time, is very, very painful. And this is explained by the fact that this kind of sex is unacceptable for man. But is it really painful to have anal sex, or are these only horror stories?

Those women and men who practice such sexual intercourse unanimously say that with proper preparation there is no pain, and there may be only a little discomfort that passes very quickly.The pain occurs only in cases where the partners are inexperienced, cutting in their movements and did not spend enough time preparing. As with defloration, it is fear that is the key to pain.

Prevention of pain will help to prepare for anal sex. You can use special toys and lubricants. All actions must be neat, slow and exciting. But they should not cause discomfort.

Pain during sex

Sometimes men and women who have a great sexual experience can experience pain during sex. Why this can happen, you can learn from our article - Why it hurts to have sex. I just want to add that it is impossible to ignore such feelings. And if, using our recommendations, you will not be able to get rid of discomfort, then it is better to contact a specialist.

But sometimes painful sensations appear only when having sex in a certain position. Moreover, women usually do this after childbirth, while men can cause pain in the penis. For more information about this, you will learn from the article - Why hurt cancer.

You should never be shy about telling your partner that you are having pain while having sex. The frankness between partners is the basis of a gentle, painless and pleasant sexual intercourse for both.

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