Do not test yourself: what to do if you eat sweet

Many nutritionists believe that there is nothing to worry about.

Sometimes the most ordinary cake suddenly gets us unlimited power. And sometimes we suddenly find that, thinking, we ate two-thirds of a large can of chocolate and nut paste. And this happens: for several months you observe all conceivable principles of healthy eating and you already see the results in the mirror, and then somehow it turns out that you canceled all your efforts by eating a can of condensed milk at night. Alas, a person is weak and prone to make mistakes. Our task in this case is to correct this error and get out of the situation with minimal weight gain. What if I ate too much sweet?

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Do not panic!

Well, I ate and eaten, with whom it does not happen. People tend to abuse the fact that brings a pleasant feeling, and food - the easiest and most affordable way to show off. If people were not prone to overeating, we would not have had the opportunity to watch online photos of overweight celebrities and go insane from an inferiority complex.

Nutritionists say: self-blame in this case will only aggravate everything.

Julia Chumicheva, general practitioner, gastroenterologist, nutritionist:
Julia Chumicheva

- The worst thing you can do is start “nibbling” yourself, say: “I am weak, I am fat ...” This will further increase the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which will disturb the fat burning process for a long time.

Waste calories

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Filled the body with "fuel" beyond measure? This means that the excess calories need to be burned. Suffering from overeating while sitting or lying is the most harmful method of suffering.

Julia Chumicheva

- Part of the glucose will burn immediately in the muscles, if you activate them, that is, you begin to move. Find yourself an activity wherever possible: take a walk in the fresh air, do a cleaning or dance.

Drink water

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The life-giving power of pure water will help you to “wash away” the consequences of your incontinence in the use of sweets. Drinking plenty of water will help remove excess sugar from the body. You can add a little lemon juice to room temperature water: the antioxidant effect of vitamin C will enhance the cleansing effect.

Julia Chumicheva

- Take a pause to complete the digestion cycle, on average, it is 4−5 hours. Do not eat at all during this period, and 1.5 hours later after your sweet overload, start drinking water.

Eat buckwheat

Preferably green, unroasted. But the usual, familiar, too, eat.The fact is that this croup has the ability to lower the level of sugar in the blood - due to a substance called chiroinositol.

Protein days

After a carbohydrate surge, you need to make the body carbohydrate deficiency.

Julia Chumicheva

- A couple of days after the abuse of sweet days, give preference to protein foods in combination with fiber (grilled fish and vegetables, for example) to even out insulin levels, and eliminate snacks.

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