Do-it-yourself ribbon bows

To decorate the hairstyle of long hair, you can make bows of ribbons with your own hands. For the manufacture of beautiful bows will require satin ribbons, a needle and thread, hair bands and bright large beads. Tapes with a width of 2.5 cm will need to be cut into 5 cm pieces, the edges of the bands should be scorched with a cigarette lighter so that they do not dissolve.  semi-rectangles
Each piece of ribbon needs to be quilted with a needle and thread in such a way as shown in the photo.
Then tighten the thread and tie a knot. It turns out such a workpiece. Sharp corners can be neatly trimmed with scissors and lightly burned with a lighter.
 ribbons of ribbons
To make ribbons of ribbons, you need to prepare eight such pieces for each bow. Then all the petals are stitched together in series with each other and connected incircle.
bows of ribbons
In the middle of the resulting flower you need to sew a beautiful bead or button.
 bows of ribbons The next step is making an outlet on which the flower will be sewn. To do this, 1.2 cm wide tapes should be cut into segments of 18 cm length and singed the cuts with a lighter. For two bows, you will need 8 ribbon segments.
For rosettes it is better to take ribbons of different colors, you can close, or you can have contrasting shades. Each tape needs to be folded eight and stitched in the middle.
 sew ribbons
Make a rosette from the resulting blanks, sew with thread.
 bows of ribbons
The flower is sewn into the middle of the rosette. From the seamy side is sewn elastic hair.
 bows of ribbons
The second bow is made in the same way as the first. Satin bows are made quite simply with their own hands.Two identical bows look great in a schoolgirl's hairstyle.
 bows of ribbons
These bows can be glued to the headband or automatic hairpin - it all depends on the wishes and fantasy.

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