Dish painting with glitters

Once I decided to paint a plate, for this I have once used stained glass paint. However, this time it was decided to make a brilliant mural, for this I decided to try multicolored glitters and permanent markers. So: 1. I took such a sample, using the GIMP program, outlined the contours and erased the center
 Painting plates with glitters
and that's what happened:
Painting the plate with glitters
2. Next, I unpacked a leaf with ornament, cut out a white circle without an ornament inside and cut into 8 pieces to achieve the best fit to the surface of the plate:Painting plates with glitters
Each of the parts from the outside surface was glued with adhesive tape. 3. It would be very boring to perform the ornament in one color, so I decided to paint the plate in three colors: blue, red and green.At first I drew a patterned paper with a permanent marker, then on the plate and put glitter on top. Markers were the cheapest M-Union, so there was no complete coloring of the pattern, it became translucent, and that's all I needed - the glitters glittered through the pattern! Put a glitter and get such a pattern:
 Glimpse plate painting
4. Now the turn of the inner pattern has come! Since the initial pattern of three colors seemed rather trivial and boring to me, it was decided to make an internal pattern from one element: I reflected and copied the element in the same program, combined and flattened it a bit, and then highlighted the edge, like this:
Dish painting glitters
5. I also printed and painted it in three colors, then attached it on the inside of the plate and translated it with permanent markers and on top glitter.
Painting plates with glitters
6. In conclusion, I discoveredthat the edges of the ornament look a little blurry and therefore drew a clearer and thinner (which is important for the stroke) by the black Centropen marker.  Dish painting with glitters Here’s what happened:
Painting the plates with glitters
 Painting the plate with glitters
In principle, you can cover the pattern with glass lacquer and bake so that you can use and wash the plate. But as a decorative plate and as a candy vase, you can also use it!

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