Diamond wedding after 60 years

Unfortunately, rarely what spouses manage to celebrate the Diamond Wedding. And not because love passes, but because few happen to live to see this date. After all, to celebrate a brilliant gold wedding means to celebrate sixty years of marriage. And having carried out a simple calculation, one can say that by this date the spouses are already eighty years old.

The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries appeared not so long ago. But this tradition was so much liked by people that they started writing about it and picked it up with pleasure. This holiday has embellished life.

And why is diamond gold? It is very easy to explain. Like gold, with time not losing its properties, the relationship of husband and wife with time only grow stronger. Appears more than love: mutual respect, tolerance. Like this noble metal, in relations between spouses retains a special brilliance and value. The union of two loving people has become stronger, has become indestructible.

But the diamond in Greek means "invincible."And just like the facets of diamond, which have all sorts of roughness, married life is full of its irregularities. It and petty quarrels, quarrels, partings and meetings, all this interspersed with joys, with love, respect and understanding strengthen the family, making the union more durable. And like a polished diamond, it starts to shine and shine with all its facets.

60 years - Diamond wedding. Just think! How much is experienced together! All this must be taken into account when organizing a holiday. You can, of course, arrange a noisy feast, but you must take into account the solid age of the jubilees. Therefore, in order not to tire the perpetrators of the holiday, it is best to arrange a family celebration. Family and friends will bring much more pleasure to old people than musicians and dressed up actors.

The best way out is by a small theatrical performance. You can build a family hearth around which relatives and friends will gather. "Newlyweds" should take a passive part in the organization of the holiday. It is better if children and grandchildren are engaged in it. The hearth, as is known, is the oldest symbol of family life. It would be nice to sit on the anniversary of the thrones, crown them.Sitting on the throne, they will receive greetings from family and friends, you can recall the various episodes from their lives.

And, of course, not the last place should be a feast, with a mandatory cake. It is desirable to serve the table beautifully, with fresh flowers. It would be nice to use the yellow-white tone, the color of gold and diamond. The most important thing is to take into account the wishes of the jubilee.

Now you know what kind of wedding is celebrated for 60 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).

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