Keyboard table lamp

Desk lamp from the keyboard- an interesting use of the old or unnecessary keyboard, it can make an interesting and unusual lamp.

Materials and tools:

  1. keyboard (see figure);
  2. wires, switch, LEDs, power source (USB, battery);
  3. foam plastic (12-15 cm) and plastic ball (see picture)
  4. tool: wires, nippers, office knife and others.

Step 1

Let's get started, first take the keyboard, analyze it. We will need keys and rubber contacts between the keys and the board.

There should be no problems when sorting out the keyboard, it is quite simple and easy.

Step 2

Make the base of the lamp. Take a foam ball, cut it in half with a clerical knife. We in the project will need 1 half. Take 1 part and cut out the internal cavity with a knife (see figure). Cut a round hole with a knife from the top of the dome and also make a hole just above the bottom for the switch.

We glue the base with the keys, use the glue gun for gluing.

Step 3

At this step, collect an electrician. For a start, we will need 2 strong twin wires, which will also be "stems", at the ends of each wire we solder through the LED. For flexibility and strength inside the wire (under insulation) insert aluminum wire.

According to a simplified scheme (no backlight below): we solder the LEDs, the switch and the power supply. Optionally, you can add and highlight the base.

Everything is set in the base, inside you can fix a hot-melt gun. Close the bottom, for example, cardboard, plywood or plexiglass.

Step 4

Take a plastic ball, divide it into 2 parts and glue them over with rubber contacts - lampshade lampshade. Then install the lampshades on the "stalks" (wires with LEDs).

The desk lamp from the keyboardis ready.

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