Delicious homemade wine do without problems

Wine is one of the oldest drinks in the whole world, "the child of sun and mind", which tirelessly indulges its delicate and refined taste of the most advanced gourmets.

What not to say, and without a merry red or yellowish liquid, there is more than one celebration, wine is always associated with romance, lightness, beauty, probably, that's why this drink has such an ancient and rich history of existence.

Useful and tasty drink to get really

It is believed that the production of the first wine began in the Middle East and in Greece, still in the deep past, in the Neolithic era! And the oldest wine in the world, which was found in one of the tombs in China, dates back to 1300 BC. e., it is difficult to imagine how long ago it was, and yet the skill of creating a magic drink has not been lost, on the contrary, it is only gaining momentum.

Those who think that it is possible to get a good wine only on the shelf of a wine store, and laying out a fairly tidy sum for it, is mistaken, because you can really make a good and high-quality drink from grapes by yourself!

To do this, it is not necessary to be a professional winemaker, you just need to get into the basic schemes for preparing a lively drink and replenish your piggy bank with basic recommendations for its preparation. Over time, if the process of creating a wine with your own hands entices you, you will be able to gain practical experience that will only improve the taste of your drink.

Wine, made by hand, not only always has an incredible taste, it is always filled with the soul and love of the one who made it, this is not found in the store drinks!

How to make a delicious homemade wine?

In order to get really tasty and unique drink, you must carefully select the raw materials, namely grapes.

All the known varieties of grapes are divided into three main types: wine, drying and table, you can find and universal categories that are tasty when eaten raw, but also good for making wine.

As is clear from the name itself, wine grapes are suitable for winemaking; they have rather small clusters with small berries, which are arranged very tightly to each other.

They are rarely consumed in fresh form, but the quality of wine from such varieties is much higher than similar products from table varieties. Excellent wine can be obtained, for example, from Isabella blue, also suitable Aligote, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot gris and others.

Remember that it is necessary to collect grapes for wine before the first frosts, the bunches should be absolutely dry and easy to remove from the bush.

Usually by this time the berries become soft enough, and the peel is firm and thin, which simplifies the process of making a grape drink. When the prepared bunches are dry and beautiful lie in your kitchen, you can begin.

An important point in winemaking is preliminary preparation. It is not necessary to wash the raw materials so as not to wash off bacteria from the surface of the grapes, which play the role of natural yeast for the fermentation process.

It is necessary to separate all the berries from the stem, choose rotten or beaten ones, since such poor quality elements can harm the further taste of your wine.

Many novice winemakers are lazy and crush the wine, along with the sprigs and ugly berries that come across, which then adds to the final product a taste of bitterness or unpleasant acid. Tune in advance to this process, it will not be fast, but it's worth it.

Grapes must be of high quality.

The next stage is the squeezing of grape juice. To do this, prepare some large capacity, you can enameled pan, where you can calmly ceiling berries. It is necessary to produce this process not for speed, but for quality: it is important to crush every precious grape in order to get juice from it.

Remember the important rule: the berries should be crushed, but the skin does not need to be ground into porridge, also try not to squander the bones, as the output wine will be quite light, even from dark grapes.

You can push the usual flat tolkushkoy for potatoes or with your hands, to whom it is more convenient. The process of getting the juice will differ depending on what recipe you use, because besides grapes you can make wine from apples, plums, cherries, rowan and even berry jam!

Now, when all the cake remains at the bottom, and the juice settled on top, it's time to strain it with a colander or gauze, folded several times.

Remember, in order to be engaged in winemaking, you will need special dishes, and since wine does not like metal, they usually use either wooden barrels or glass bottles for this purpose.

The second option in the housing conditions is more likely, so we will assume that you are using a glass bottle, which you need to equip with a special lid.

All the resulting grape juice is drained into our container, leaving about 1/3 of the total volume, so that the wine was where to play. Filling the bottle, close it with a lid in which to make a special hole with the diameter of the tube, which will need to be inserted into it. Through this tube will emit carbon dioxide, otherwise the bottle can simply rupture.

The edge of the tube should be placed in a jar of water, and the lid with the tube should not pass air: for this, all the gaps and joints are sealed with clay. This is a rather old and proven method that has never let anyone down.

There are recipes that tell you how to make wine with a glove: instead of a lid with a hole, use an ordinary medical glove, in which a small hole is pre-made. If the wine plays well, then the glove is always in an inflated state.

Perfect atmosphere and perfect drink.

When you put the wine to play, it is important not to forgetthat this process requires its own atmosphere: the drink best of all matures in a fairly warm, but dark room at a temperature of 15 ° -20 ° C.

The active fermentation process lasts about 10-15 days, after which it calms down more or less, and after 1-2 months you can already get enough quality dry wine. But that’s not the end of it, lovers of wine are sweeter and stronger, they will have to try a little.

Grapes must be of high quality.

To do this, carefully pour the wine into another container of large size, at the same time, do not drain everything, a cloudy residue should remain in the old container.

Next, you need to add sugar, there is a certain dependence: the strength of the final product depends on the amount of sugar, to get 10 ° -13 ° alcohol you need to provide 20-25% sugar. We will add 150 g per 1 liter of wine, if you do not like too sweet a drink, then you can put sugar on your taste.

We mix the sugar, wash the bottle thoroughly and dry it, then pour back the wine with sugar and close it with the same lid or glove. In this form, it will continue to wander further for another 1 month, after which the wine can be poured into small glass jars and closed with lids. Keep this wine in the refrigerator or in the cellar.

The main love of wine

As you have noticed, the cooking process is simple, it just requires some attention and care from you, because the process of making wine is not in vain compared to raising young children.

It is believed that at home it is easiest to get just a grape drink, but apple, plum or any other fruit wine should not be avoided, because they also have a rich taste and aroma.

A pleasant bonus for any winemaker is also the usefulness of his product, because homemade wine from grapes or any other berries has a wide range of nutrients and vitamins that have a positive effect on the human body. Drinking half a glass of homemade wine a day will only benefit, of course, the main thing is not to abuse it, because excess is always disastrous.

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