Delicious dried tomatoes

Delicious dried tomatoes- a recipe.


  1. small fleshy tomatoes 1400-1500 gr;
  2. salt sea coarse;
  3. sugar 1 tsp.
  4. pepper mix;
  5. garlic 2 cloves;
  6. dry basil or thyme;
  7. Olive oil 5-6 tbsp.


Wash the tomatoes, cut into halves, removing the peduncle. Cover the baking sheet with foil to wash less. Spread halved tomato slices up, salt with salt, sprinkle with pepper and dry basil and add salt with sugar. Drizzle tomatoes from the spoon with olive oil. Press through the press two cloves of garlic and randomly "scatter" on tomatoes. Bake at 150 ° C for about 3-3.5 hours.

When the tomatoes are ready, put them tightly in a hot jar. Pour the remaining oil on the pan into the jar, screw the cap tightly and place in a hot oven for 30 minutes. Place a silicone mat or a folded cloth under the jar.

Then take out the jar and turn it upside down, leave to cool completely.

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