Delicate frosty wreath of plastic egg trays

Materials and tools:

  1. plastic egg packaging;
  2. scissors;
  3. glue gun;
  4. base (for example, thick cardboard).

Step 1

The wreath consists of roses. To make one rose, you need 8 cells from under the eggs: 4 cells are outer petals and 4 cells are inner ones.

Cut out of the container 8 cells. First, we cut out the outer petals — to do this, we cut one cell into 4 parts   and give shape to the petals (see Fig. 3). And then the inner see Figure 4.

Step 2

Putting a rose. The inner petals are folded and glued to the outer with a thermogray gun, everything is very simple. The outer petals are glued in a staggered manner to make the bud beautiful. We produce the required number of colors.

At the end we glue the flowers onto the wreath base and add other decorations.

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