Defreeze the fridge

Defrost the refrigerator
Modern technology that surrounds us in all walks of life reduces human effort to a minimum. It would seem that there is nothing difficult to wash our hands with clothes, as our mothers and grandmothers did in their time. But why, when a washing machine can easily do it for us. At the beginning of the last century, people kept food in the cellars, and now we use refrigerators for the preservation and freshness of food. About them today and will be discussed. Let's discuss how to properly care for them, and how often they require defrosting.
 Defreeze the refrigerator
 We defrost the refrigerator
Most of the refrigerators of our time are equipped with a No Frost system either Frost Free. This means that they can serve the host without needing additional periodic defrosting. If you are not the happy owner of this model of the refrigerator, then our advice will be useful to you. So, when defrosting a refrigerator, the following actions should be taken. As a rule, refrigerators need to be defrosted 1 - 2 times a year. Guess that this time was not due to intense heat, otherwise, your products stored in it, can deteriorate. In the evening, unplug the refrigerator from the electrical network. While the ice will thaw, gathering in a special container, remove all the products from the freezer and the main one. In the morning, when the refrigerator is completely defrosted, pull out all its shelves, as well as the trays and thoroughly wash them under running water. Use a sponge with a detergent to clean its inner walls from possible dirty deposits. Wipe all dry and set the shelves with trays in their original place. Now you can load our refrigerator again with products, after connecting it to the network.  Defrost the refrigerator
 Defrost the refrigerator The berries and fruits in the freezer are very convenient to store, distribute them in packets a la carte. When you buy meat, also try to cut it into parts you need in the future portioning and stored in sachets.
Defrost the refrigerator
Periodically wipe the inside walls of the refrigerator with a damp cloth, and it will shine clean and make you happy with freshness all the time!

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