Decorative jute box

At first glance, the rope of jute is most often used to bind some cargo. However, even from it you can create interesting things, for example, a casket, vases, bags, etc. I would like to offer to make a small casket. This cute little thing will decorate the interior in retro style. You can store some wooden things in it - a ring, a bracelet or a necklace, a pendant. In this box you can put a small gift for lovers of old. At the base is a reel from under the threads, you can also use a reel from under a wide adhesive tape. So, the materials needed for the box:
  • cardboard dense cylinder;
  • jute rope;
  • wooden beads;
  • crochet hook;
  • silicone glue
  • cardboard.
First, we will manufacture the bottom for the box. To do this, draw a pencil around the inside of the cardboard cylinder and get a circle. It needs to be cut, leaving an allowance for the bend of about 5 mm.
 Decorative jute box
Decorative jute box
Make cuts and glue the bottom inside the cylinder.
 Decorative jute box
From above we paste another circle for strength, measuring the circumference outside the cylinder.

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